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Rebel, with a Cause!
03-18-2006, 09:01
Hello to the class of 2002, Its Rebel with a Cause and I'll be back on the At again starting March 29, 2006.

Yesterday I asked for a Leave of Absence from work and they said YES !! All day long my mind whirled with all of the same old thoughts coming back to me. Its been 4 years and all I have done is do a little Trail Magic every year since 2002.
Last year My son Capt Chaos did his attempt of the AT and Had a Ball.

This time things will be different: NO Physical Training, None, No gear buying ( I have it all anyway ), No Mail drops and a unknown time restraint.

So I'm out of shape, 4 years older but still got the ole charge, so i hope to meet and see all I can

Its good to be back, cya all soon

03-18-2006, 10:18
Great news. I remember meeting you and your son at Clingman's Dome in 2001. You also gave me a ride into Gatlinburg after we spent the night at Mt. Collins Shelter. Thanks again for that.
I'll be at Trail Days and I'll look for you there. You may be a bit older but you must also be a lot wiser. Happy trails to you. Grampie-N->2001:sun :sun