View Full Version : The North Face Vega

02-18-2003, 22:22
A friend of mine has a North Face Vega and we are trying to figure what degree bag it is. Is does not say. It does say 1 lb 4 oz fille weight of down. He has been in it to 7 degrees with clothes on and lived. Just wondering what degree it is rated at. Cannot find it on North Face web site

SGT Rock
02-18-2003, 23:23
I found this, looks like it is a 20* bag: http://www.sportyfieds.com/classifieds/html/english/camp.18.html

My concern is it is awful light for a 550 bag to be a 20* bag as well.

02-19-2003, 00:06
Thank you for finding the information for me.