View Full Version : EF1 tornado touches down on AT near Belter's Campsite at NOBO mile 1492.3

08-03-2020, 22:44
Sunday night at about 6:00 an EF1 tornado touched ground and crossed the AT near Belter's Campsite at NOBO mile 1492.3.
As a result there are a substantial number of trees down in the campsite and along the trail in the area.
The campsite is officially closed as there are multiple down and hazardous trees all over the area. The trail remains 'open' but will require extreme care in navigating over and around at least a half mile of continuous downed trees.
Crews will be out as early as Wednesday (there is a tropical storm coming tomorrow!) to begin work on clearing the trail (or least a temporary path) so hikers can get by. The campsite will remain closed for weeks if not months depending on the amount of overhead hazard trees.

One Half
08-04-2020, 14:33
is that CT?

08-04-2020, 15:54
is that CT?

Yes this is CT.

08-04-2020, 18:26
Do you know if the tornado also crossed the nearby Mohawk Trail (old AT) that's less then a mile from Belter's the way the crow flies ?

08-05-2020, 07:43
According to the NWS there were at least two tornadoes in Northwestern CT, one as ATtroll describes crossing the AT at Belters, the other on Caanan Mountain. Likely a few more under that weather system occurred but the damage has not been seen yet given the remote access. There is likely damage on the nearby Mohawk trail either from these tornados or from the high winds during the tropical storm that ripped through yesterday. It will be a week or so before we have accurate information on trail conditions as trail maintainers walk their trails.

Anyone who is out walking on CT Blue trails should note any serious damage and email the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association (CFPA) with a trail report to help them coordinate storm damage response.

08-05-2020, 16:11
I bring my hand saw with me every time I'm out on a blue blazed trail and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've cut with it - still a lot it can't handle. I've contacted CFPA multiple times about helping clear trails while I'm out since I'm always mixing it up and hiking different ones... I can't even get a response back as to exactly what they want as far as clearing so I only cut/clear stuff that has fallen or obviously has to go. If anybody would respond (I'm going to email and try again) I would do a lot more but I don't go cutting live branches or anything, even if there growing in the trail and should have something done, cause I don't know if they want the whole branch cut/just cut back enough and there's a bunch of situations like that. I'm always clearing vines, prickers, dead/fallen branches and what not but would love to do more. I don't like the group volunteer things but told them several times and even told them they can let me know when something needs to be cleared and if I can handle it I will. My brother works for a tree company and could def get him out with me a little bit to.... but no responses - there certainly is no lack of letters asking for money though.

I will definitely report anything I see that I can't clear. I have gotten responses but they won't just give me that simple info, I was supposed to get called back for some phone meeting over a year ago now. I did tell them what I do that I just posted here and they didn't say not to so at least there's that....

08-10-2020, 20:57
I have just been informed that the trail in and around as well as the campsite itself at Belter's Campsite (mi 1492.5) has been cleared of fallen and hazard trees.