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02-19-2003, 10:11
Anybody know the 2003 dates for both Trailfest and Traildays?

Lone Wolf
02-19-2003, 10:19
Trail Days is May 15-18.

02-19-2003, 10:38
What are TrailFest and TrailDays, and should I make an effort to make one of both of them?

Trail Yeti
02-19-2003, 11:38
Trail Days is AWESOME. Little Bitty Damascus gets filled up w/about 3000 hikers, some are thruhiking, some are past, some are future... Lots of booths with free knickknacks, and gear demonstrations etc. Gear manufacturers are there to fix or replace your broken gear. Its a lot of fun.
my girlfriends dad last year said it reminded him of the 60's ha ha ha!

02-19-2003, 14:25
I wasn't there last year, but from what I heard, things got kind of rowdy, with lots of boozing especially. Is that accurate or not?

I like drinking, sure, but it's very irritating when people drink way too much and can't handle it. Makes me think of frosh week when I was in university.

TJ aka Teej
02-19-2003, 16:12
April 12th this year
May 10-18

This year will also mark the 5th Annual Trail Days North, at Katahdin Stream Campground on May 17 & 18th. We average 6 attendees, with no arrests since the Spooky Boy incident of '99.

02-19-2003, 23:55
blankman I was at trail days last year I did not drink but others did. You have to remember that Va. has a no open containers law so the drinking was somewhat hiden and in no way like Greek week or the like. Just good layed back fun!!!!
And yes there is alway that one person that drinks to much, but don't let him ruin your fun.

02-20-2003, 08:49
I had really mixed feelings about trail days.

On the positive, there is the "Talent Show" that is not to be missed. Also, there are several gear manufacturers there and most will take care of any problems. The busiest was Leki cleaning and repairing poles. It was also great to see so many other thru-hikers there, including people who I hiked with the previous year.

On the negative, there was a lot of "wanta-bees" and underage drinking going on all night long. Hard for me to sleep.

If I were to do it again, I would definately not try to stay in a tent in Damascus. I'd get a room someplace, or tent out of town.

In my opinion, the Gathering is a much better event for thru-hikers. I'll definately be there this year.

Jack Tarlin
02-20-2003, 14:42
Trail Days is what you make of it..... Sure, there's a good deal of partying, but if you're not into that, you don't have to participate, there are plenty of other things going on. Also, there will almost certainly be a designated "quiet" or at least "quieter" camping area for those not into the partying thing.

Trail Days is a blast, it's enjoyed immensely by just about everyone who attends, and you shouldn't be afraid to attend because of worries re. partying, drinking, noise, etc.

02-20-2003, 15:21
I slept in the new camp area in 2002, and regardless of other pro's or con's on it, it does have nooks and crannies baffled by trees, especially if you have a small tent or a hammock. The sound of the stream overtook party sounds, as did the bottle of NightTrain:D .

Trail Yeti
02-20-2003, 19:34
Originally posted by Jack Tarlin

Trail Days is a blast, it's enjoyed immensely by just about everyone who attends, and you shouldn't be afraid to attend because of worries re. partying, drinking, noise, etc.
says the man who had to pull a black snake out of his tent!!! ha ha ha
by the way Jack, I have a great picture of you and that snake!:D

Lone Wolf
02-20-2003, 19:41
Not to mention a dead, bloated, festering groundhog which was in his pack that he used for a pillow, which was in his tent, which he slept with back at 2000 Trail Daze.:D

02-20-2003, 20:14
He would have been better off keeping the goat.;)

02-20-2003, 20:17
Lugnut where's Springboro, Ohio? I live in Gallipolis but never heard of Springboro. And have you hiked any of the BUckeye trail around here?