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03-19-2006, 01:11
I'm planning on meeting someone in CT during my thru and staying in a motel there for 10 days or so. I'm wondering what towns are closest to the trail and if there are any that have reasonably-priced rooms. I know that Kent and Salisbury are pretty expensive...is there anywhere else that I could get a ride/shuttle/cab to that aren't far and cost less?
:) Mindi

Kevin A. Boyce
03-20-2006, 13:37
You may want to think about getting off the trail and staying maybe near Danbury (CT), Poughkeepie or Fishkill (Both in NY). Those are three of the largest cities that will have more lodging options at a better price. I am sure staying for 10 days in Kent/Falls Village will cost as much as a whole thru hike. Also all three are 'fairly' close to the AT as well, Fishkill about 10 miles west from where you cross I-84 north of the RPH Shelter, Danbury is about 20 miles East of the same crossing. Poughkeepsie is about 20-25miles depending on what road you use.

All three of the areas I mentioned have long stay hotels like the Residence Inn. Also staying in those places will give plenty of options of things to do on your off time from hiking.

What dates were you thinking about this? I maybe able to help shuttle you if you need it and it works with my schedule.

Let me know,

03-20-2006, 15:24
Kevin, what would you think about Stamford or Norwalk for Mindi? Those cities also have long-term residence inn type places, are walkable at least in places, plus easy train access to other destinations in the region. Without a car, I think anybody might find 10 days in Danbury a little... hmmm... uninteresting ? (It depends what kind of friend this is, of course.)

Jane in CT

Kevin A. Boyce
03-20-2006, 17:10
Jane, Living west of the CT border, I end up forgetting about places like Norwalk and Stamford. Getting to them maybe a bit of a hassle though unless OP's friends are picking them up at a trailhead. I was thinking about major cities/towns that are close by the AT.

But agreed, 10 days in Danbury could be a snoozer.. Unless you spend your time going through Stew Leonards hitting all the animatronic(sp) animals and eating pistachio softserve ice cream! LOL...

There is so much to do in the area between CT and NY, and I had 10 days off the trail during a thru, I would maybe spend a few days here and there. No need to really spend the whole 10 days in one specific place unless you really wanted too.


03-20-2006, 20:46
anywere i hang my hammock:cool: neo

03-20-2006, 22:40
anywere i hang my hammock:cool: neo
stop wasting peoples time. If you don't have a reasonable answer for a reasonable question don't bother typing anything. We get it, you like hammocking, your MO is getting so tired.

03-20-2006, 23:20
"Stop wasting peoples time. If you don't have a reasonable answer for a reasonable question don't bother typing anything. We get it, you like hammocking, your MO is getting so tired."

Second that.

03-20-2006, 23:42
Thanks, guys!
Right now I'm leaning towards Norwalk or New Milford, seems to be a lot of reasonably-priced motels there, but I'll check out the places you mentioned as well. I still have plenty of time :)...I figure since I'm not sure exactly when I'll get there, I can't really make reservations. So it may come down to wherever I can find a room.
I should have a ride but I'll keep you in mind if I get stranded, Kev :)..
thanks again everyone!
:) Mindi

03-21-2006, 01:45
There aren't many hotels where I want to stay 10 days in a row!!

When you are on the AT in CT, you are just 90 minutes from Boston by car. Prices are a bit higher in Boston, but there are a lot of fun things to do. If it were me, I would probably spent 5 days in western CT and 5 days in Boston.

03-21-2006, 06:34
If I had a choice between Norwalk and New Milford, I'd go with the former, because in Norwalk you are right on the Metro North train line and can easily access New York City, and from there, points east (the L.I. beaches) and south (Philly). You could also take a train from Norwalk up to New Haven and from there change to Amtrak to access Boston, as another poster suggested (the shoreline towns - Old Saybrook, the Lymes, Mystic, are also pretty and might deserve a look). Of course, if you have access to a car, I guess it doesn't matter which city you pick, although Norwalk is on the water and does have a few interesting destinations in its own right (the Aquarium, the downtown area with its cafes and clubs).

Jane in CT