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03-20-2006, 15:26
In an earlier thread, Just Jeff pointed out that the homemade gear contest was left off the schedule for Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia this year (www.traildays.info). I pasted his note below for reference, but he is in California and won't be here. We've lined up a sponsor who will provide awards, Mount Rogers Outfitters in Damascus. What we need now is advice on:

1. When should we have this? The available options are immediately after the hikers' parade, but this would conflict with the auction for the Place... although I assume most hikers will not be bidding on DVD players and golf clubs. Or the Homemade Gear Contest could take place in the campground at some other time. So please advise... after the parade, or in the campground, or where else and when?

2. Categories: please see Just Jeff's suggestions below. Any changes needed?

3. Judges: Any volunteers out there? If you're going to be at Trail Days and can spare an hour, how about helping with the judging?

If you have ideas on time, categories, and judging, or other related items, please post here or e-mail me at grsmith03@yahoo.com. Thanks.



Original thread first posting by Just Jeff:

Hey guys,

Metayel asked me to write up something for the homemade gear contest, but I've never actually seen one (or been to Trail Days). I know they had one at Trail Days a few years ago, and I think it's an awesome idea, so I'm asking for help from you all.

Does anyone know who organized that one and how to get in touch with them?

If not, we'll need rules and categories. Metayel is gonna try to get prizes, but if nothing turns up I guess a $.10 ribbon will have to do! Safety pin it to your shoulder strap for all the world to see.

So here's what I was thinking.


1 - It's the idea that's being judged, so it has to have some sort of originality involved. A direct copy of an existing product is ineligible.

2 - Has to be mostly homemade or a substantial improvement on an existing product. Adding thumb loops or extra pockets to a pack doesn't count, but making a fishing pole from a hiking pole does count (though that's already been used before).

3 - Can't be a product currently for sale. This isn't free advertising.

That's about it. Now for categories:

1 - Packs
2 - Shelters
3 - Sleeping gear
4 - Clothing
5 - Accessories

1 - Most original
2 - Most useful
3 - Most attractive

And all in fun:
4 - Coolest useless project
5 - Ugliest

Anyone have info or ideas to contribute? And since I can't make it this year, we'll need someone to run it, judges, etc...

Thanks all!

Just Jeff
03-20-2006, 16:54
The PCT one also has a prize for the best all-around gear system - might be worth adding. And grab a few extra ribbons for goofy categories made up on the spot - "Most Yellow" if there's a bright yellow pack or something.

It would be nice to have a few WB celebrity judges...ATTroll? Jack? Weary?

And someone needs to take lots of good pics of the entries to post back here at WB, too!