View Full Version : Section hike MA to VT

10-15-2020, 12:30
Hi. Section hiked all of MA with exception of the northernmost part which we plan to complete before end of Oct. We will start at MA Rt 8, Cheshire Road until we reach VT.
Questions: once we get into VT how far from MA/VT border will we need to continue to get to a car pick-up spot? Are there any roads between the border and the Seth Warner shelter? And advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Gambit McCrae
10-15-2020, 13:15
Hello Ann and welcome! Once a hiker arrives at the MA/ VT state line it is a good little hike to a main road like VT9.
There is a county road you pass at the Seth Warner shelter which has parking and is accessible as far as i know.

If you are looking for your shortest easiest route, most people suggest hiking up to the state line and then back down to Cheshire. My suggestion would be to do it when you can go at least to VT9 since it is a highway and makes logistics easier.

10-19-2020, 20:47
Thanks very much.