View Full Version : I-40 to Hot Springs Section

Red Sky
11-03-2020, 14:12
Hey all, happy election day! Celebrating the end of the election madness by hiking from the Pigeon River Bridge to Hot Springs at the end of the week. I've not done this section yet and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for good camp sites. I see the ones noted on Guthooks, but you never know. Going to avoid Max Patch I think and try somewhere short of it. I've heard that there is a nice spot at the Rube Rock trailhead. I'm hammock hanging so I don't necessarily need a level site. Would like to be near water however. Suggestions?

Gambit McCrae
11-03-2020, 14:58
Top of Snowbird is a pleasant view for sure if you needed a short first day.

Red Sky if you walk about .5-.7 past Max patch you will find the pleasantries of MP without the crowd. There's a nice spot at the north side of MP I've always wanted to camp but haven't found the time to yet.

11-03-2020, 18:00
Right around mile 256 there is a pretty good bend in the AT north of Max Patch. there is a nice group of big trees and a rock fire ring with logs to sit on that was a cool spot. You could look through a different field and see Max Patch. It is a dry spot so you will need to get water at 255.8 before coming into camp. The next morning there is water pretty early in your northbound travel.

Red Sky
11-04-2020, 11:06
Not sure we can get to Max Patch day one. Going to have to start a little later in the morning. I'll look for those spots though. Sounds nice! Thanks for the info guys.

Red Sky
11-09-2020, 11:44
Well, this section was really nice! Great views from Snowbird and Max Patch, leaves were a little past peak and all but gone in some places. We ended up staying at Brown Spring Gap the first night because we were out of water and that was the only place to get it short of Max Patch Road. Not a great spot, but we made do. Great hike up to Max Patch the next morning. Expected to see lots of day hikers up there but there were only a handful. Stayed at Catpen Gap night two, and it was a great spot if you have a hammock. Not so great for tents. Beautiful sunset and a little Woodford Reserve by the fire after dinner. Really enjoyed Hot Springs as well. Spring Creek Tavern has fantastic brick oven fired pizza and a good selection of craft beers. Made for a nice end to the hike. By the way, I did see the camp spot right after Max Patch. Very nice! Water source a couple of tenths southbound.