View Full Version : NET Section 1 in MA Handicap Accessible

11-10-2020, 14:19
Work is in progress to make a part of NET Section 1 in MA Handicap Accessible.

Brush work has been done and the trail is being a little rerouted.

Grading will be going on soon

Watch for further updates.

12-19-2020, 08:37
Work continued last week as we moved rocks, laid down plastic sheeting and started putting down trap rock. Maybe last of maint. for this year due to recent snow storm

01-24-2022, 10:49
The work on the handicapped section was completed Spring 2021. Come check it out and our club Pioneer Valley Hiking Club if you're in our area.

01-24-2022, 18:52
Thank you for the work! This trail is on my 2022 list --as a day hiker. Rehabbing from broken ankle with torn ligaments from a backpacking trip last year so I cannot carry full pack this year. I think the mixed terrain of the NET will be good for me this year.

01-25-2022, 10:36
Our club are the adopters of Section 1 & 2 in Mass. We do sched. maint. a few times a year. We are on FB if interested

05-08-2022, 14:47
Last week we cleaned up trash on Sections 1 & 2, laid stones for the parking area at Sect. 1 and removed dead brush