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11-17-2020, 12:26
I am hoping to knock out another section next week if all things go as planned. I'll be starting at Pigeon River Bridge and heading north. On my last section from Stecoah Gap to the Pigeon River, I left my truck at the bridge and hiked back to it. Based on some comments from others on my post trip report, it seemed like I was pretty lucky my truck was not broken into. I didn't want to press my luck if there were other parking options. I was curious as to if anyone had nearby parking suggestions. As always, thanks in advance.

Tennessee Viking
11-17-2020, 12:57
Go across the interstate to Standing Bear Hostel or park at Big Creek.

The turnout next to the river has a previous history of vandalism from both humans and critters.

11-17-2020, 13:52
We've parked at Big Creek for hikes in this area.

11-17-2020, 14:22

11-17-2020, 19:22
I’ve parked at big creek several times. Been told mot to park at Davenport for reasons sated above.

11-17-2020, 22:40
There's a parking lot at the ranger cabin in Big Creek near the trailhead for Chestnut Branch.
If you use Chestnut Branch to access the AT, it's about a 3 mile hike from the parking lot to Davenport Gap.
If you walk the road, it's about 1.5 miles with less climbing to get to Davenport Gap.

Mike Goodman
11-18-2020, 18:08
Leaving your truck at Standing Bear, they might give you a ride to where you're going, and you could hike back there.
If you don't have a return ride, I'm pretty close to Davenport, Max Patch, or Hot Springs and can shuttle. PM if interested. I am available on a moment's notice.

Tennessee Viking
11-18-2020, 18:14
I am available on a moment's notice.

Maybe I should have called you on Sunday. That mess on I40 in Canton was a disaster.