View Full Version : Does anyone still make an eVent fabric hiking jacket anymore?

11-26-2020, 17:57
Years ago I bought an Integral Designs hiking jacket made out of eVent. I loved the thing and used to death but I've worn it out out. Integral Designs doesn't exist anymore (looks like they got bought by Rab?). And my googling on "eVent Jacket" has not helped.

Does anyone know if there are still any good hiking jackets made out of eVent? My experiences with GoreTex were never very satisfactory.

I've found many links to discontinued eVent jackets. The only active one I found was to something called "Mishmi Takin" which I'm not sure about.

11-26-2020, 21:13
Your googlefoo is weak grasshoppa

https://norwaygeographical.com/event-waterproof-jackets-review/#:~:text=This%20brings%20us%20to%20eVent,of%20opti ons%20for%20different%20purpose.

11-27-2020, 01:43
It's really not. 3 of those are cycling jackets, 2 are Golf jackets and one is the Mishimi Takin Jacket I mentioned

11-27-2020, 04:12
Westcomb has a few, but they're more heavy duty stuff with emphasis on heavy. Even their "lightweight" Focus LT lists at 17oz.


Most makers have apparently dropped eVent for newer versions of GoreTex, or proprietary materials. I read something about it last year, saying ownership/manufacturing of eVent had changed hands multiple times, and the current company wasn't even associated with outdoor products.
^^^^All that was paraphrasing from memory, not gospel.

I've had such stellar performance and longevity from Pertex Shield + that I consider it a plus vs. really anything, at least in the lightweight, suitable-for-backpacking realm. But then I read reviews of different jackets that use it, and see some very mixed experiences and opinions, so am almost reluctant to mention it. It's what I use, though!

11-27-2020, 09:19
I also like eVent as a shell material and found it performed far better than GoreTex.

Closest thing I have found is Mont-Bell's (https://www.montbell.us/products/list.php?cat_id=25013&gen_cd=1) 'Peak' and 'Rain Trekker' shells. Performance very similar to eVent in my experience.

11-27-2020, 10:38
Forgot that I had bought a 3L eVent jacket from Eddie Bauer a year or two ago, but returned it due to not liking the helmet-compatible hood(that was like this > when cinched down).
When I Googled just now, I found a marketing release(edit: from 2017) where they announced the use of eVent in TEN First Ascent models. Now there is only one, and it's a 24oz ski jacket.
You might be hunting a unicorn for real...

11-27-2020, 10:49
I used to swear by Event stuff but goretex has gotten so much lighter and is overall better IMO. All that being said, I use good old Frogg Toggs on most 3-season hikes. Yeah, they tear/wear out, etc, but silly light and dirt cheap. The fabric kinda reminds me of my event days.

All that drift aside, yeah, check out EB stuff, last I looked they had some event equivalent, but as said below, pretty heavy.

11-27-2020, 12:34
I made the switch to Goretex Pro a coupel of years ago when I had to replace my winter gear. I was impressed. It seem to breathe far better.

11-29-2020, 21:38
I made the switch to Goretex Pro a coupel of years ago when I had to replace my winter gear. I was impressed. It seem to breathe far better.

Sounds like maybe I should give GoreTex another try. Thanks