View Full Version : 2006 Kennebec Crossing Update

03-22-2006, 09:55
Well, it hasn't been that harsh a winter up here in the northwest mountains of Maine. I talked to Baxter State Park yesterday to find out when Katahdin (greatest mountain) would open. They explained that staff at Baxter would start opening (or closing) trails on May 15 and until they were confident of solid footing and accessibiltiy to Pamola Peak, it would be a day to day decision. The last hiker of 2005 was Justin and his dog, Loni, who started at Cape Gaspe Province of Quebec and was ferried on November 20. The first two hikers to be ferried this year on February 20 was Pete and Laura from the AMC Maine Chapter. Yesterday, a canoe with life jackets was set up at the Kennebec River Crossing in the event that current low pack snow conditions would bring hikers out earlier than May 19, the official ferry service opening. We are up and well...waiting for springtime and hikers to arrive. Any hikers who need a ferry across the Kennebec River at Caratunk can call Rivers and Trails at 207-663-4441 or if in Maine can call 1-888-356-2863 (FLOAT-ME) and we will do our best to provide safe and timely crossing across the Kennebec River. See you at the river, Steve Longley Ps There were certainly many talented and hard driven hikers who made up the scores of hikers last year, but the trio of Southbounders by the names of "Traildog", "Squeaky" and "Justin and Loni" ruled!!!