View Full Version : Powdered drink mixes. What's your favorite?

02-21-2003, 16:28
See subject...

Any suggestions? Gatorade? Crystal Light? "Super-duper energy mix", etc.

02-21-2003, 16:33
soy milk powder mixed with Tang,,,yum...:banana

Lone Wolf
02-21-2003, 16:36
Nutrasweet Grape Kool-aid.

02-21-2003, 16:39
Nutrasweet Cherry Kool-aid

02-21-2003, 17:51
Just water, straight up. Preferably straight out of a good spring.

02-21-2003, 18:51
Wylers Lemonade or Emer-gen-C packets

02-21-2003, 21:48
Emergen -C- ewww! ackkk! funny tasting foamy drink. who need 1000 x your daily vitamin C in one gulp anyway? I tried it last summer. Gatorade for me, I don't know why, I just like it.

02-21-2003, 23:25
I usually go with Crystal Light---very convenient to carry and carries quite a punch for such a small amount. Sometimes, I carry good old fashioned Wylers lemonade as well.

I enjoy mixing powders in my water if the water is ice cold. Very refreshing.

I love my colas. There's probably nothing I miss more than ice cold carbonated drinks when I'm in the backcountry.

02-21-2003, 23:26
Tang, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, Country Time Lemonade, and a can of coke I haul in on the first night for dinner!

Oh almost forgot!

While hiking I like either straight water or 1/2 strength gatorade. All other drinks I have with meals.

02-22-2003, 16:35
I really enjoyed having Nestea (lemon flavored) with me for dinner. Otherwise I mostly drank water during the day.

I didn't have too much with me, as powdered drinks tend to be heavy.

02-22-2003, 16:51
For the last year I've been using Gookinade for backpacking and orienteering. It's a great electrolyte replenisher.

02-22-2003, 16:51
Oh yes for gods sake, Nestea. Can't believe I forgot that one!

02-23-2003, 15:20
Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, Homemade Spice Tea with a little PGA after supper....AHHHHH!

02-24-2003, 08:43
Strawberry Kiwi KoolAid
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with extra Marshmallows
Crystal Light Pink Lemonade (these come in these cool individual wrapped foil-covered little containers)

Didn't really mix it up, drank water mostly, until late spring, when we got really tired of drinking plain old water..when the weather changes it's nice to have something tasty :)

Sleepy the Arab
02-24-2003, 23:47
Personally, I'm partial to Kool-aid. Not the lightweight nutra-sweet kind, but the 2 quart sugar already added stuff. Gimme the calories man! Such was my lust for the stuff and so vast my consuption, that I became quite the connoisseur. I knew which flavor complimented which Lipton dinner ("Ah, Zesty Cheddar? Might I suggest a lightly mixed lemmonade or a full bodied cherry?), and what was suitable for an after dinner admiring-the-sunset beverage (Strawberry lemonade, or if not available, tropical punch).
Wine afficionados had nothing on me.

High Pockets
07-27-2003, 07:35
Crystal Light- Peach Tea....Repack a hand full of the tubs into a small bottle.

07-27-2003, 21:43
For me Coca Cola the first night, then Crystal Light Lemonade mixed with Gatorade the following nights. During the day nearly always water straight out of the springs. Cool Clear Water fresh from the source.... Just my 2 cents....


07-28-2003, 10:14

Remember that you're trying to carry the most calories in the lightest weight -- Crystal Light has NO calories, neither do the Nutrasweet drinks (or very few) and if you're allergic to the Nutrasweet, skip those drinks (they give me a headache).

Gookinaid Hydrolyte (152 calories for the packet, but it does replace the electrolytes) in the evening right before bed and in the morning before starting out, mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with filtered water (or treated, if you're not using a filter). Gives me more liquid and still replaces those electrolytes.

When I'm bushed from hiking, an Energen-C will boost my energy.

I drink lots of filtered water as I tend to sweat a lot and am prone to dehydration due to some prescription meds I have to take.

The Gookinaid Hydrolyte is 1.8 oz for a quart (make that 2 quarts the way I drink it).
Energen-C is 0.21 oz a packet. I usually drink 2 to 4 a day depending on heat and humidity.
Water is 8.2 Pounds a gallon -- I think. :D:banana

and Casey the WonderDog who also drinks a lot of plain filtered water.

Pounds -- only DEHYDRATED water is 8.2 Ounces a gallon. But locating some is nearly impossible unless you have personal access to someone with a Water Dehydrating Machine. They quit making those in the early 1970's.

07-28-2003, 10:40
I have come to understand that my participation in this forum is counter productive. In an attempt to ammend this I am deleting my posts and have requested to have my account deleted

07-28-2003, 11:07
See above edited version of my post, Coosa

07-28-2003, 14:08
As a 1-to-3 week section hiker, lower calories for the lightest weight is all important, leading me to favor Crystal Light Pink Lemonade.

07-28-2003, 14:17
Don't you just enjoy the phrase "Hike Your Own Hike?" I know I do. Whatever floats your boat, Kerosene! As long as YOU are content with your own hike because that is the important thing.

Stay Hydrated Out There, Coosa

08-10-2003, 23:05
Just wondering. How is it hot and how does it mix with hot water? Never tried it. Actually....never heard of it! Where do you get it?

08-27-2003, 12:48
FOr those that like to carry sugar free drink mixes. I just found sugar free Tang in the Grocery Store. Aaaaah, I am no longer limited to those sickening Crystal light flavors or Ice Tea!!!!

08-28-2003, 07:14
Coosa: I use my section hikes as exercise and to help with weight control, so the lower calorie mixes are fine as long as they are palatable. I find that my appetite falls off for the first week or two of a hike, but kicks into gear around week three.

12-06-2003, 00:37
I like Gatorade.

In order, the flavors I like:
Feirce Grape
Original (Lemon I think)
All the others.

Tang is also good, and easily obtained on the AT.

I will use nearly any powdered drink mix, even unsweetened Koolaid. Yes, I can drink it that way. Yes I know it's weird.

Oh, yes, BTW, Jello works, it's a bit too sweet for me, but it do the task.

Hint: try your favorite drink mix INSTEAD of that hot tea, coffee or chocolate in the AM. Just heat it like you would Hot chocolate & put it in the water bottle, works great!!


12-06-2003, 00:59
I keep it simple, drinking straight water much of the time, adding Crystal Light Lemonade for some variety periodically. I agree with Doctari -- heating up lemonade or other drink mix in the morning makes for a nice change from hot chocolate.

squirrel bait
12-06-2003, 06:26
;) Fizzies.....can eat em dry and play rabid hiker

12-06-2003, 19:56
I would generally alternate between Gatorade and Tang. I started with a orange tub of Gatorade and when it started to get low I would buy a plastic tub of Tang and mix it in. Therefore my powdered drinks were always some combination of the two. The "Fruit Punch" flavor Gatorade powder and Tang powder make a pretty tasty concoction. You're replacing your salts and getting some vitamins and nutrition at the same time.

Moon Monster
12-06-2003, 23:45
;) Fizzies.....can eat em dry and play rabid hiker

A few of us took to eating the Emergen-Cs straight after Slowfoot at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin gave us a batch back in June. It's like a fun punch in the mouth, a real taste sensation.

I prefer original Lemon-lime Gatorade, though. Oh man, on a hot day, I never waited to treat water when I had Gatorade. Had to drink it immediately. So good.

07-07-2004, 20:32
I just ran across a drink in the imported foods section of the market. Its in the Mexican section, and its called Klass Auquas Frescas. It comes in several different flavors - mango, lime, tamarind, rice, etc. Some are made with real flavorings!! They come in one liter packets and you have to add sugar, but its a nice change of pace!

Tim Rich
07-07-2004, 22:07
I carry Cytomax, an exercise and recovery drink powder. Started using it about 8 or 10 years ago when we met a SOBO in VA who swore by it. I believe it does help somewhat with muscle soreness - I need all the help I can get.

I also carry Tang. It's become a tradition with our annual hikes. Another powdered drink I carry is hot chocolate with marshmallows.

07-07-2004, 22:48
Gatorade and Crystal Light.

The "Raspberry Ice" Wylers and Crystal Light are both good, but stain anything they come in contact with quite nice. My bet is that you could tye dye shirts with the stuff. Why manufacturers think everything has to be a color I'll never know.

If they made a powder to mix with water to make lightly flavored vitamin fortified water like Propel I would be all over it. Fewer calories than Gatorade, and just as tasty IMO.

Plain water is okay too, but gets old after awhile.

For breakfast Prolab Dutch Chocolate protein powder. For cold evenings apple cider or hot chocolate.

Big Guy
07-07-2004, 23:35
Generally stright water during the day.
Powerade Mountain Mist at lunch, dinner and like it warm in the morning instead of tea or coffee. Told that tea and coffee are diaretics (sp?) and I need to maintain all the fluids I can.

07-08-2004, 03:42
Chai tea concentrate is also made in a POWDER. 'sgood!;)

07-08-2004, 08:59
I like Gatorade or Emergen-C, but I"ll use whatever is avalable. I even like them Hot in the morning with breakfast.


Kozmic Zian
07-08-2004, 22:24
Yea.....Powderd S***! No Thanks, The Spring Water has the Best Flavor for Me.

steve hiker
07-08-2004, 22:45
Crystal Lite is more expensive, but is lighter than anything else and packs a good flavor wallop. Raspberry Ice is my favorite, but many of the supermarkets are cutting back on flavors and carrying only lemonade and one or two others. Pretty soon I'll have to order it on the internet.

07-13-2004, 17:15
Steve, get the Wyler's raspberry instead of the Crystal Light. Same taste, only it doesn't come in the little tubs, rather it is in long slender packs. Good stuff...

Jack Tarlin
07-13-2004, 19:18
Most hikers like powdered drink mixes; Gatorade seems to be the favorite.

While most folks like the sugar-free stuff because it weighs so little (as opposed to how it tastes, which a lot of people complain about), there are still lots of folks who'll pay the weight penalty and carry the real deal.....big tubs of Gatorade, Tang, Kool-Aid, etc.

The problem is making the stuff palatable without paying the weight penalty. I discovered a good compromise a few years ago. Carry a small ammount of real powdered drink mix (i.e. sugar) and add a few spoonfuls to each quart when you make up a bottle of sugar-free mix. Even this small addition of real sugar will make a tremendous difference to the taste of the sugar free stuff, and you won't have to leave town with a 28 oz. tub of the real powder. By doing this you can leave a re-supply point with just a few ounces of powder instead of two pounds worth.

07-13-2004, 20:28
Gatorade Lemon-Lime original, Crystal Light Raspbery, and Wylers along with cold mountain spring water during the day. In the morning and cool evenings hot green tea is great. ;)

07-15-2004, 03:02
Instant Jack Daniels. Just add water and shake. The powder smells and tastes great all by itself. Adds a ton of pep to mac and cheese.:rolleyes:

Pencil Pusher
07-15-2004, 05:19
Powdered water, just add water.;)

Uncle Wayne
07-15-2004, 06:59
Ingredients: 2 packs vanilia carnation instant breakfast mix, 1 or 2 packs vanilia custard mix (depending on how creamy you want it), 1 quart package dry milk mix. Pour all contents in an empty quart bottle and fill half way with cool spring water. Shake until powder is dissolved and then add water to top off. I don't remember exactly but I believe it's around 600 calories. It won't fit into the lightweight food category because of the weight of the ingredients but it is delicious.

johnny quest
07-20-2004, 12:49
i picked up this tip going thru cold weather training up in the sierra madres. hot water and jello powder. it really perks you up and gives you something to sip while checking each others ears for frostbite