View Full Version : Anyone Read Into The Mist? Great Read

Gambit McCrae
02-17-2021, 14:57
Into The Mist was a great winter storm read! Anyone read it?

One Half
02-17-2021, 20:27
who wrote it? I'm looking for it on kindle

02-17-2021, 23:35
written by David Brill...

He has written other books involving hiking and the outdoors...

I read it when it first came out and interviewed the author about it when i worked at the station...

he's a local to knoxville with him and his wife being somewhat active with the local
sierra club.....

i really enjoy his writing----i think he's one of the better outdoor writers out there..

much better than bryson....

Dan Roper
02-18-2021, 10:01
Brill's As Far as the Eye Can See is the exquisite - easily my favorite AT backpacking book. His description of spring advancing in the southern Appalachians is the finest writing I can imagine. I didn't know he's written another book but 'll look it up and read it.

One Half
02-18-2021, 11:32
Maybe you could post it up in this thread to "pay it forward?"