View Full Version : matthewski at ms janets

03-24-2006, 13:00
all is well . all is snow. floor space only due to mass exodus from trail. snow advisory tonite. 4 inches now 3 more comming.minnisota smith a week back doing fine. all is cool

Mother's Finest
03-24-2006, 13:59
go philly hiker matthewski.....stay warm, stay focused.


03-24-2006, 17:41
Glad to hear that you made it to miss Janets. Keep it up.
Are you having fun??


03-24-2006, 18:11
Hope you're having a good time. Cheesewhiz,CampTim and Trailgirl80 started last week. Maybe they'll catch up. Git 'er done Matt !

03-24-2006, 21:20
how long are you staying? I'll be at Miss Janet's Sunday evening. Maybe I'll see ya there.

03-24-2006, 22:19
i exited the trail at spivy gap due to wheather and will go their tommorow and hike back to miss janets. then ill sleep and return with my full pack to resume thru hiking.we have here,..braveheart, messenger,superman,gary,and about 10 others and blue bird and abandon and more. thank you all so much for the support. im having the thru hike of heaven.

03-25-2006, 18:38
all 12 guests went to town for movie and food and bar. alone with gary and red dog and another couple .the snow up at 6000 feet is over a foot and we will try tommorow to hike cause were all sad to be grounded.hope lilredmg got off the trail. one hiker,cris hiked today for a five mile streatch and returned wet and tired and quit his hike and went home.

Crazy Larry #1
03-25-2006, 19:19
met you today just briefly at mj's as i shuttled chris up to damascus, hang in there and come to trail days....good luck

the snow should start clearing tomorrow

03-25-2006, 22:07
Thanks for the concern Mweinstone, but I'm not out hiking yet. I'm driving in from Nashville tomorrow. Just doing some hiking around Erwin on my spring break. Wish I was doing a thru, but that's gonna have to wait a few years. I've hiked as far as Erwin so far and will pick up this summer there. I'll be out this summer for about six weeks and will hopefully get in around 300 more miles. Have fun and keep us posted on how things are going for you.