View Full Version : hikers hostel in damascus

03-25-2006, 20:02
when you thru's get here, check out the hiker hostel right behind the place....nice little cabin with two bunk beds made for four sleeping...........good low price too...

03-26-2006, 14:11
216 E. Laurel Ave.
Damascus, VA 24236

Conviently located on
the main street in
Damascus across the
alley from "The Place"

Suzanne Bullard
(276) 475-3788
[email protected]

The General
03-26-2006, 15:45
I stayed In 2004 oustanding lodging and Hostess, Suzanne gets my vote

08-15-2006, 13:14
I stayed there in 2004 when I needed to let my feet heal for a few days and Suzzanne was great. She drove me around and took care of me. I would reccommmend her place above all others. It seems the younger crowd likes The Place but those of us who need our beauty sleep like a little more quiet atmosphere and this is definately the place to be.

08-15-2006, 15:33
Here, Here for Suzzanne! She is a nurse and helped me out with an eye infection. last year/ I visited her this year during TDs.

08-15-2006, 20:00
Suzanne wasnt' there when we stayed, but a neighbor opened it up for us. Great stay, very clean. Well worth the price and then some.