View Full Version : AMC Huts in NH are open this Summer

04-02-2021, 11:33
Well AMC is rolling the dice that Covid will be diminished enough to open the huts albeit with special rules. The do not mention the impact on capacity


Contrary to popular belief all the food for the hut is not carried up on the backs of hut crews. Perishables and last minute changes are carried up (or down in the case of Lake of the Crowds) but the rest of the food for the season is carried up by helicopter along with propane. They are limited by permit to a short window in spring and in the fall for the flights.

Even with the precautions, they are still a very small enclosed space with lots of people in it. They did not mention requiring vaccinations

04-03-2021, 07:27
In a normal year, what would the odds be for just walking up and snagging a bunk for pay? Say late June?

I’d feel a little guilty taking a work for stay—lucky enough to be able to afford to pay, and honestly the thrill of pot washing faded some time ago.

Whatever the odds, would I be able to pay on the spot with credit card? Or would I need cash?

04-03-2021, 09:48
In normal times, it's fairly quiet around here until after July 4th. But these are no longer normal times, so hard to say. I'm pretty sure the huts take cards now days. You could contact the AMC and ask....

04-03-2021, 09:53
Pure speculation due to Covid, my guess is walk-ins will not be allowed. That said you may be able to just call up on your cell and make a last minute reservation. In past years the huts tried to maximize the utilization but expect this year its maximizing safety.

Water Rat
04-03-2021, 11:05
I would guess there won't be a whole lot of last minute reservations available, especially if they are limiting capacity. Might be able to snag the odd opening if a reservation didn't show up, but that would be at the very last minute.

I also think it would be wise for hikers to not just assume work for stay will be available this season. If they are limiting paying guests due to capacity/safety, then they probably aren't going to allow a whole lot of others to just walk in and stay for basically free.

04-03-2021, 12:50
The link in th article addresses many questions. It must be difficult for any organization to balance all the many issues Covid has presented.

Of particular note is that water will be available at the huts for anyone passing by, as will restrooms and snacks.

Here is on snippet specific to thru hikers:

Q: Will walk-ins/thru hikers be allowed in the huts?
A: The traditional “work-for-stay” option for AT thru-hikers adds several unknowns to the safety of limited lodging capacity we are prioritizing for overnight guests at the huts. While no final decision has yet been reached, we regretfully encourage thru-hikers to not rely on the huts as lodging opportunities throughout the Whites, unless they are able to make a reservation.
AMC also discourages walk-in guests due to the low likelihood of space being available. If space is available at the time of the request, walk-ins will be accepted. Walk-ins should still be advised of and prepared to follow all current protocols. In weather or medical emergencies, the best judgement of hut croos, AMC leadership, and emergency response teams will be used on a case-by-case basis for changes in the capacity limits of each hut.

04-03-2021, 20:38
Will play it by ear, enjoy a stay if I get one, but not expect it.