View Full Version : Upper Goose Pond & October Mountain camp site questions

05-25-2021, 15:59
I volunteer with a scout Troop and Im helping coordinate a backpacking trip using the Upper Goose Pond Cabin and October Mt campsites. Due to Covid restrictions all the boys need their own tents (or tent with a sibling). So wed be at 12 tents with adults, not ideal obviously, but its what we have to do. They have 1 or 2 person backpacking tents. Is there enough room for us at these sites? It would be easier and better supervised if we hiked together, but we could split up into two groups and hike from opposite ends if need be. Thank you in advance.

05-25-2021, 20:28
The first issue is that MA was (last I heard) still not allowing camping at most sites.

Goose Pond happens to be the one exception due to a different ownership - having only been there once (not to stay) I don't remember space for certain but it seems there was a fair amount around the (not open at this point) cabin.

Once October Mountain is open again, I think that one would have enough space (particularly with your tents all being on the small side per description).

05-25-2021, 20:37
Thank you. MA is lifting all restrictions on May 29th. We're looking to go sometime after that.

05-25-2021, 21:24
It will be difficult to find space for that many tents and you can bet you won't be the only ones there. Groups are suppose to be limited to no more then 10, including adults, to avoid over crowding issues. Breaking into two groups would be best.

06-24-2021, 20:49
Late to the party on this one.

Both NPS and MassDCR have a regulation limiting maximum group size of 10--including leaders at AT overnight sites in Mass (and elsewhere on the AT). This is to keep a group from overwhelming an overnight site and negatively affecting the experience of other hikers.

Neither of the sites you mention has space for 10 tents. Our group sites accommodate about 5 tents. See https://www.amc-wma.org/atgrouphike for more info.

If you have not already taken your hike, please use AT Camp (https://atcamp.org/index.cfm?BCPermitTypeID=4)to register your group, or contact me at [email protected]