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03-28-2006, 00:00
Has anyone carried the Granite Gear Vapor Ki? I see that the Vapor Trail is well-liked; but I have a small frame (I'm 5'2") and large hips and butt, so I really appreciate carrying a pack designed specifically for women. My base weight, if I carry this bag, is 20 lbs. I am working on bringing this down, but this is where it is stuck for now.

How does this bag hold up under long distance hiking conditions? What are you finding really works, and what would you change? How does it compare to the ULA Catalyst (aka P2)? I can go test the GG bag, but I don't have access to a ULA.

Thanks for any input.

Old Spice
03-28-2006, 00:10
I bought the ULA Conduit which I will be using in about a week. Seems good, but there is 2-4 week wait getting a pack. Cheers.

03-28-2006, 10:28
As the Vapor Ki is a new bag for this season, I doubt that you will find many people who are familiar with the bag. I checked BackcountryGearTest.org (http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Packs/Internal%20and%20External%20Framed%20Backpacks/) but no one has posted a review for this bag yet. However, Granite Gear bags get high marks in general (as does ULA). Note that the ULA Catalyst is a big pack at 4,300 cubic inches, compared to the 3,600 cubes for the Vapor Ki. Most lightweight long-distance hikers can get by with the lower volume (and in fact it can help force you to make those tough trade-offs on what to bring).

03-28-2006, 10:30
I know that REI won't even be getting any Vapor Ki packs in stock until mid-April, so ditto what Kerosene said -- I doubt there is anyone out here on WB that has gotten their hands on this bag yet. In fact, the only review of it I've seen so far was in Backpacker's Gear Guide.

03-28-2006, 12:21
I understand that the Vapor Ki used to go under a different name, and that this old bag was in stores pre-2004. Perhaps someone out there carried the older version...

03-28-2006, 13:08

Talked with some people this morning who know their packs better than I do. I was wrong when I said that the vapor vi was the same as that older pack. Total redesign.

So, sorry to all, I was given bad info, which I then passed along to weggers, who passed it along to you guys. My bad!!!

In any case, does anybody have the vapor ki yet? Somebody has to.....Somewhere....

Marla in the Mts
04-03-2006, 20:10

In any case, does anybody have the vapor ki yet? Somebody has to.....Somewhere....

Yes, I have a GG Vapor Ki. I ordered it during a 20% off sale at an outfitter near Pittsburgh, PA in February. I recv'd. my VK approx. three weeks ago. I first used it at Keystone State Park, day-hiking for about 5 miles. Understand that I grew from the Gregory Tega (2750 vol.) to the Vapor Ki (3600 vol.) as I am preparing for an 06 AT thru. So far, so good. It is everything I thought it would be. The four outside pockets are great, top left and right exterior pockets have zips. I've placed my sleeping mat vertically on the center front and tried it 'barrelled' in the pack. Both ways work well. The super-duper padded hip belt and shoulder straps are great, much more padding than the Tega. Since Keystone I have had it on the trails for about 25 more miles, consistantly loaded 24-27 lbs. Although the temps are still low, I'm thinking that the back ventilation may be an issue with the VK. The Tega has an air-circulation design while the VK is flat, thick padding, directly on the body (back). I'm approx. 5'3", 127 lbs.; my Tega is a small, and my VK is a small. Concern: my VK doesn't have much room to shrink for me in the hip/butt/waist belt. For now, while I still have my holiday phat, the belt is okay. But, a couple weeks on the trail and I'll have the hip belt as snug as it will go.... Hope this chit-chat helps and I'll share what I can....

04-03-2006, 21:36
Marla, that's great information. Please do keep me updated on how the bag works out. You may be just the person to speak to one of my concerns. How stable is the bag when not fully loaded? It seemed like the top closures and the top stabilizers might not do so well under a 2/3-1/2 load. I also wasn't sure how I felt about all the extra material for the roll top.

As for the hipbelt not cinching up enough after the extra pounds are gone... Can you switch out the hip belt if you need to? I'm surprised that this is a problem in the women's bag. How is the fit in the shoulders?

Loved the chit chat. Thanks for the rundown, and good luck on the thru!

05-07-2006, 05:30
I just received my Vapor Ki this week--I was disappointed that it only comes in the small and regular sizes (no longs, like the vapor trail). Although my torso size is within their regular range, I am used to an osprey, which sits slightly lower on my hips--this pack is right on my hips, so we will see if that is an annoyance at a long distance. I am still getting used to adjusting it.

The shoulder straps are a little narrower around the neck than the osprey, too--again, just something to get used to (I've had my Ariel for awhile, and I love it, but I've gone lighter and lighter, and its just bulkier than I want to carry nowadays.).

As for the pack itself, I like the room in it, and the two extra top pockets are nice for stowing little gear. I have about 22 lbs of gear, and feel like I can get away with some extra food and clothing without worrying about space. And here's a great difference in comparison to the Vapor Trail--the hipbelt pulls inward, not out, which makes it much easier to adjust.

The hipbelt isn't changeable, but rather fixed.

I'll look forward to other people's input on the Vapor Ki, too!

05-12-2006, 11:08
I am going to be buying a new pack for my wife. She is about 5'3". Is that the regular?

05-12-2006, 11:48
Figured out the torso size but she is 36" at hips, and the vapor ki goes up to 34. What other pack is good for you ladies and would have a bigger belt?

Marla in the Mts
05-12-2006, 18:20
Hello, joec. I just measured/checked my Vapor Ki; it's a small. I'd recommend she tried on the small with weights added.