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02-23-2003, 14:42
On the Trangia Westwing stove, does drilling holes in the aluminum base plates affect the performance of the stove?

02-23-2003, 14:48
Nope, It lightens the load. I made a duplicate stand from titanium stock, but have since graduated to a Soda-Can stove.

02-23-2003, 14:58
I agree with RagingHamster. Moose was the first to suggest that here on WhitBlaze. I followed his suggestion and clamped the 3 plates together and then drilled several 1/2" holes in them. Abolutely no loss of stability as far as the stand it concerned and if anything it provides better ventilation which, as you already know if you've had your alcohol stove for a while, is a very good thing.
I haven't gone to a Titanium stock yet like RagingHamster and I don't have any plans to make the switch. Very happy with the weight and performance of my Trangia with the original aluminum pot stand and homemade windscreen

02-24-2003, 08:48
We started this stove and used it until we spent a day at Kincora, making homemade stoves. It worked great while we had it, but a word of caution: not paying attention, we accidentally burned up the O-Ring that holds the cover on and lets you store the stove with fuel in it...they are 3 bucks to replace and we had to have it shipped from MSR because no outfitters carry them. Might be something to throw in a bounch box, or carry a spare :) Or, alternately, just pay attention :) Good luck!

02-24-2003, 09:01
One step ahead of you on having an extra Trangia O-ring in my bounce box.

Here is a contact for getting replacements:

Outdoorsportz - 1-877/776-7887
I ordered a 2-pack for $3.90 and had them in about 4-5 days. Total price with shipping was $4.75