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Tha Wookie
03-29-2006, 00:40
The following is an email sent to the wilderness skills mailing list. I thought some others might be interested who aren't on the list. These courses are held in Athens, GA.


In a time such as this, I am thankful to have this technology to help coordinate learning about others. Still, I am brought to the thought that as email will probably be one day considered as primitive as a shared operator street phone line, the most basic arts of survival will probably still be invaluable to learn and pass along. At any rate, be it smoke signals or instant messaging, it is my privilege to pass along some valuable information to you about the upcoming Ancient Wilderness Skills Courses this weekend and the next as we round our winter/spring offerings.

You all have either attended a level 1 class or have signed the list to take a future class. If you are still interested, hereís the skinny on whatís to come:

Levels 1 & 2 - This weekend, April 1 (noon-5pm): On this day we will be conducting the first Level 2 courses. Since we have had many calls for those who didnít make the Level 1 class the first time around this winter, we are also going to be offering a Level 1 course concurrently. Each class will meet together at the same time (Noon), and from there we will greet and then split into 2 groups and have some fun in the woods. We will rejoin for a closing at 5pm.

Level 2 - This weekend, April 2 (noon-5pm): On this day will teach only Level 2 for those who have completed Level 1. This means some people will be fortunate enough to take both back to back. On that note, anyone from Level 2 on Sat. is welcome to take this dayís course as well. It is great to practice with others! If you have not already signed up for Level 2 and want to take it -this class has more slots so we encourage you to sign up for this day. Some people have told me they plan on camping overnight. If you choose to do this, please come prepared and call 613-3631 before hand to make sure they have a shelter or campsite available.

Level 3 - Next weekend, April 3 (10am Sat to 5pm Sun): This course will be a special course covering the 5 essentials and some extra campfire activities. Be ready for hands-on learning and projects that you will be able to finish and bring home. We are all thrilled to be camping out with the class! Please register for this as soon as you think you might like to participate so that we can gather or purchase the right amount of materials for the class -613-3631. Plan on bringing regular backpacking gear (warm sleeping bag, rain protection, tent if not in a shelter, warm clothing, working flashlight, etc.). The facilities will be available all night. I will provide more information when we get our final roster. Please email me if you want to add this course.

Thanks! Iíd like to take this chance to thank all of the instructors for taking the time to share and everyone participating for taking the time to learn. I hope to see many of you this weekend.


PS get general info at www.thawookie.com/wildskills.htm (http://www.thawookie.com/wildskills.htm)

Feel free to PM with questions.


Tha Wookie
04-10-2006, 10:50
Hello everyone!

We had a very successful Spring Semester of Wilderness Survival Skills.

Of the 50+ students we have taught since November 2005, about 25% have come from Whiteblaze.net. I want to thank you all for your interest and participation.

I also want to thank the incredible teachers that have come together for it: Carl Lindberg, Catherine Stinson, Island Mama, Sarah Callaway, Bill Burt (past Perimeter College), and Jonny (from Jon Young's Wilderness Awareness School).

By the end of our three-part series, participants in the course have learned these skils for the Eastern United States natural environment:

bow-drill fire
hand-drill fire
plow fire demonstration
fire setting, safety
coal extension/tinder gathering
water purification by fire
wooden bowl burning

blending in/tracking:
fox walking
stalking walk
awareness skills
navigation by nature (no compass)
Owl eyes
intro to ancient Nroth American lifestyle philosophy with local primtive people expertise of Bill Burt

Fiber arts:
making strong rope and twine out of natural materials
basketry from invasive plants
long-match demonstration for carrying coals camp to camp

natural shelter building
flint knapping -arrow points, scrapers, blade, etc.
glue making
general introduction Q&A discussions for other useful skills such as brain tanning, bow making, primitive cooking, tracking, etc. etc.

eastern Peidmont plant ID
tincture/salve/medicinal oil making
plant use for medicinal, nutritional, and utilitarian purposes

The future:
We will be offering these courses on a first-come first-serve basis this summer (dates TBA).

For those who have completed the entire 100 level series (1-3; or people who are already skilled at the topics), we will be offering overnight wilderness survival trips this summer where we will subsist on the land.

We also will be offering more in-depth courses on certain topics such as brain tanning, bow making, and tracking. If you are interested in these, let us know ASAP so we can plan.

Sign up for periodic updates:
If you want to learn more about the upcoming courses available this summer and fall as we plan them, please PM me or email at wookiebackpacking@yahoo.com

see you out there!