View Full Version : Upper Goose Pond Cabin to Open--sort of

06-24-2021, 20:57
I'm pleased to announce that UGPC will open this Sunday for overnight visitors. Of course, since it's owned by your National Park Service, there is some fine print:
--Unvaccinated guests are required to wear face coverings in the cabin
--UGPC volunteer Caretakers are not permitted to ask a guest's vaccination status (I know, I know...just don't go there)
--At present, overnight capacity is limited to 4 people (25% of capacity)--we hope this number will increase...but it's entirely up to the Park Service

So maybe not worth the 0.5 side trail--but the pond is an awesome place to swim, the Caretakers are generally cool (with occasional exceptions) and there are tent sites near the Cabin.