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Odd Man Out
06-30-2021, 19:33
This video has been all over the news. A boater caught a cliff drop at Pictured Rocks NL. The top of the cliff is where the North Country Trail follows the edge. I attached my picture of the trail through that section when I backpacked it 6 years ago. You have the option of hiking on the left side of the larger trees. Of course I walked right on the edge.



07-01-2021, 07:49
I'd happily take the left, thanks!

07-01-2021, 08:35
I'm a living on the "edge " kinda fellow I'd be right there with you buddy!!

07-01-2021, 11:02
Amazing! I like living on the edge... just step lightly.

07-01-2021, 20:05
I’m not afraid of heights … but I respect edges.


07-01-2021, 20:53
ld be walking right where you had...

07-07-2021, 13:53
I don't believe the picture you provided is where the slide happened. The slide happened between Mosquito and Miner's beach, and did not impact any trail in that area. This photo looks to be between Chapel Beach and Mosquito beach area, to the west of Grand Portal. Slides happen all the time at PIRO - large chunks about once every 1 to 2 years. Over this past winter a large chunk near the dunes fell off eliminating about 100 ft of trail. Tip: if you start hearing or seeing small rocks falling time to get away from the edge!

Odd Man Out
07-07-2021, 22:12
You are probably correct. I didn't have detailed notes on every photo location but was going by the order in which they came off the camera.

But I did read that the witnesses to the recent collapse reported hearing noises prior to the collapse. It was good to know that if one was hiking a section of the trail along the edge, there may be at least some advance warning.

08-30-2021, 08:51
I try my very best to stay on the trail at all times, but I think I would have to make an exception on this one.