View Full Version : Sollight Light Cap

Kevin A. Boyce
03-29-2006, 17:56
I was thumbing through a magazine and the ad for Solight LIght Cap caught my eye. I looked up their site, http://www.sollight.com/products/lightcap.cfm and thought that it is an interesting gimmick.

Basically it is an LED bulb; both white and red, in the top of what looks like a clear Lexan bottle, once you fill it with water it amplifes the light so you have a latern. Kind of cool, but not very high on the 'must have' list. It has a solar cell on top that recharges the battery that runs the light. It has some cool factor and it is multi functional; water bottle and latern. It does not look like a practical flashlight or replacement for a headlamp either.

Now I am wondering about what kind of homemade setup I can make that compares...

03-29-2006, 19:36
dunno bout the solar cell, but some kind of food grade glue, and a wadded up coin cell or two and a couple led's should do. not as polished, but very cheap

03-29-2006, 22:06
neat concept, but my water bottle rides deep in my pack - it would never see the light of day for recharging. - and whoa - 11 oz empty?

03-29-2006, 22:32
wow,different:cool: neo