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02-23-2003, 21:00
How common are ravens along the trail? Who has seen them? I think of them as symbols of wilderness as I've never seen one anywhere near civilization. My favorite encounter was when sitting in the woods in Vermont and having a whole flock of ravens noisily move through the woods. Read "Raven in Winter" or "The Mind of the Raven" by Bernd Heinrich for some fascinating raven insight. Very intelligent birds with sophisticated communication. The easiest way to distinguish between ravens and crows is their voice, a crow says "caw" and a raven says "craaak".

02-24-2003, 07:42
I heard Ravens in almost every State along the trail. First one was (believe it or not) in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness moments after leaving the Walasi-Yi Outfitter at Neels Gap in GA. I didn't see my first Raven until just north of Cheoah Bald about 8 miles north of NOC in NC.

One of the wildlife encounters I could almost be assured of was encountering a Raven whenever I dropped into a river valley (at NOC, Fontana Dam, Erwin, Hot Springs, James River, etc). I assume that they nest on the cliffs along these valley walls.

Coolest Raven experience? Somewhere in VA I had a Barred Owl and Raven calling at the same time during the day. I couldn't see either bird, but the experience was pretty amazing.

Ravens have recently made a comeback in NY & NJ. There is a nesting pair on the radio tower at High Point State Park in NJ, and another just south of the Wildcat Shelter in NY (first shelter north of NJ). Look & listen for them near the Rangers office along Rte 23 (High Point) in NJ, and near Cat Rocks or Eastern Pinnacles in NY. Both of those rock outcrops are listed in the ATC data book.

Little Bear
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Blue Jay
02-24-2003, 08:49
Once while hiking the NY Section I heard a lot of Ravens. I had only seen or heard individuals in the past. They were mobbing a single Blue Jay. It was huddled on a branch being dive bombed by about 18 Ravens. Being a Blue Jay, I'm sure it had done something to piss them off, like stealing an egg. I, of course, identified with the blue jay and threw a stick up in a rediculous attempt to scare them off. By shear luck it hit one of them. It didn't hurt it but they all landed on a single large branch and stared at me as if to say "who the F do you think you are". The blue jay got away and I quickly walked away becuse I was not sure the combined Karma from those faces could not kill me.

07-16-2003, 22:59
On my last trip I was hiking a in the middle of my group, but alone one day. I kept hearing this Raven calling up ahead of me. It was always just a head of me. It was as if it was calling me forward. So, I followed the raven all day.

Blue Jay
07-17-2003, 07:51
I hope you stayed on the Trail Tigerlilly. Ravens (and Blue Jays) can lead you astray. Be very careful listening to either one.

07-17-2003, 09:05
I have come to understand that my participation in this forum is counter productive. In an attempt to ammend this I am deleting my posts and have requested to have my account deleted

07-17-2003, 13:01
don't worry I stayed on the trail and wouldn't have left it

TJ aka Teej
07-17-2003, 13:47
Ravens are very common year round residents in the Whites and the mountains of Maine. Seen side by side with crows, the size difference is quite remarkable. Both will chase hawks, and both will get chased by Blue Jays!