View Full Version : Clothing/sleeping bag tips for smokies

03-30-2006, 01:23
Hello Everyone:

As you all know I have been thinking of doing a short trip before I start work again.

I like to start from Cades Cove Ranger Station to Spence Field to Russell Field back to Cades Cove Ranger Station. I have done this many times but usually around June, July, August, and last year in Oct.

I have never done this short trip this early in the season. Any pointers on clothing, type of sleeping bag, i.e., temp rated bag. Just looking for some pointers before I head out on this one.

Thanks in advance to all. I plan to go in the next two weeks.


03-30-2006, 09:14
Well it snowed last weekend but has been steadily warming all week. I would anticipate that in a few weeks it will be 40's at night and 60-70 in the day. I have been in the smokies every weekend since March 11 and it really hasn't got to below 25 deg+/- in that area. I haven't done this hike in the spring but I did it 2 Octobers ago in a 20 degree bag. My clothing list wasn't all that bulked up. I used a t-shirt, zip off pants, for the hike up and in camp I added an expedition weight long sleeve with a fleece vest and was perfectly toasty. YRMV


03-30-2006, 12:30
Thanks Rockjock for your input. Like I said I have not went this early before but I wanted to find out from the rest of you with experience what to expect.


03-30-2006, 12:42
I've been in the Smokies in June with temps in the 40's, rain and wind - completely miserable. It is easier to take layers off than to acquire them.

03-30-2006, 15:31
Last year in in late may, there was frost on the ground two of the morning I was in the smokies, so I'd be prepared for sub-freezing temps at night; it might not go that far, but it easily could