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Gray Blazer
03-30-2006, 13:26
I want to thank all you whiteblazers out there who helped me with the Rocky Bald thru-hiker feed last weekend and you know who you are. It turned into a survival fest for me as it snowed for 3 days and I swear it was 10 degrees on Fri. night. This FL boy froze his bippie off. You can see all the NOBOs that were fed or given special attention in my personal photo gallery. I couldn't remember all their names and it was too cold to get my pencil out. I could either feed them and fix coffee/hot chocolate for them or write their names down. I chose to make them a hot meal. Thanks for being there to help me carry up the gear and food. I ended up making 6 trips up and down (including a sidetrip up Wesser to catch the sunrise Thursday morning) and your help made it easier for me since I had knee surgery 2 months ago. If you know the names of any of the NOBOs maybe you could help fill them in.

Gray Blazer
03-31-2006, 10:40
Just want to get this out there for one more day before it fades into obscurity.

04-02-2006, 22:51
Thank Gray Blazer for what you have done for this years thru hikers. I know no one else may say that and I know what how it may seem not to get thank yous from people. I do the same thing sometimes and don't receive any thank yous but you know what. It does not matter I have just as much fun doing it as the people receiving it. So in a way they are giving me the trail magic.

04-02-2006, 23:18
I will take the time and thank you! I dont take my walk til next year, but I hope you (and others like you) will be there to give that special magic!!