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TJ aka Teej
03-30-2006, 16:39
Overnight camping season begins on May 15th (no matter what day of the week) each year. The AT out of Katahdin Stream Campground and on up to Baxter Peak is called the "Hunt Trail". When Trails are closed in Baxter, they are closed at the Trailhead, not at tree line. Please, respect the Rangers and never hike on closed Trails. The Hunt Trail stays officially closed until after the campground opens, and a Ranger has checked the Trail personally. Just down the road, the Abol Slide Trail to Baxter Peak often opens first. Trails can and do close again at any time, and it is Maine - so you never know what next year's weather be be like. Weather on the Tableland can be 40 degrees colder than down at the campground. For a southbounder to plan on the AT will being open on May 15th is quite a risk, in my opinion.
All that being said here are the recent opening dates, just fyi:
'05 June 4
'04 May 16
'03 May 24
'02 May 15
'01 before May 20
'00 Memorial Day Weekend
'99 May 18th, according to South Walker '99

03-30-2006, 19:21
I camped at Katahdin Streams Campground last year during the third week of March. It was our hope to climb the Hunt Trail to the peak, but it was still closed. It was two more weeks before the trail opened.

Although we didn't get to climb Mt. Katahdin, we still enjoyed Baxter State Park. Miles of trails were open.

If one has their heart set on starting their southbound thru hike by climbing Mt. Katahdin, they certainly should wait until after June 1. If their goal is to get in some interesting hiking, plenty is available as soon as the park opens for camping.

PS: Obviously I meant May, not March

Barrel Roll
05-15-2006, 23:45
How is the rain affecting conditions up in Baxter State Park? Anyone know? Here in southern NH/Merrimack Valley we've got flood conditions. I know some people are planning on late May starts, think the rain we're getting now will still have an impact down the road?

Black Toe
05-16-2006, 04:35
Friends of mine who do trail maintinance in Maine have spent the last two weekends on the AT clearing blowdowns. They told me last night that the flooding was mostly south of Portland and has had no effect on the sections they worked.

TJ aka Teej
05-17-2006, 23:26
The Abol Slide Trail opened on Katahdin on Monday May 15th. The Hunt Trail is expected to open by next week. The rain moved into the Baxter area Tuesday morning.