View Full Version : Best Place to Stay in Fort Montgomery?

10-20-2021, 13:40
I'm hiking a section through this area next month, and Fort Montgomery looks like a reasonable town night for me. Does anybody have any insight into whether The Inn at Bear Mountain or the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel would be a better place to spend a night? Is there someplace even better that I am missing? Any input is welcome, thanks.

Old Grouse
10-20-2021, 15:53
Rooms at the Inn are in the $200 range, but I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

10-20-2021, 16:04
The cabins run by the Bear Mountain Lodge are much more reasonable, though I canít remember what I paid. They are a short walk from the main inn.

If you stay here, youíll still have access to the included fabulous breakfast in the morning.

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10-20-2021, 17:09
Haven't stayed at the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel myself, but have dropped off hikers there and shuttled other hikers who have. It is the cutest small well-kept motel i have ever seen. Hikers have only good things to say, especially about the folks that run the place. Clean, well-kept and 'Grandpa' is generally available to shuttle hikers to/from the trail. Also drives hikers into 'town' (couple miles north to Highland Falls) for laundry/food...not sure if that is always available. They are very hiker friendly, so just ask!

There is also a Holiday Inn Express in that area, almost right across the street from the motel.

10-21-2021, 08:55
Have stayed here
and found it to be just fine. It's business oriented and does not cater to hikers, but they do allow them to stay.

10-21-2021, 10:36
All good info - thanks everybody.