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03-30-2006, 20:41
Hello Everybody

My Husband and I have opened our vacation rental home "Cloud9" to AT Hikers.

We are on Highway 76 - 1.5 Miles west of the AT at Dicks Creek Gap in Hiawassee. Cloud9 is on the same property as the Upper Hightower Trout Farm.

Cloud9 is an 1800 Sq. Ft. home. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, sleeping 12, with a TREEHOUSE outside that will also sleep 2 on mattresses on a V berth. Fully loaded Kitchen. LARGE great room with game table. We have a JACUZZI, ping-pong and pool tables, bed linens available to rent, Towels available for use, and shared laundry, detergent, shampoo, and soaps supplied. Wireless Internet connection, phone, Satellite TV. Right now we give rides into town as often as WE GO, soon we may have a very nominal fee for this.

All this for $20 a NIGHT During the hiking season.

Please see our website and link to VRBO for more info.

Laura and Frank
706 896 8959

03-30-2006, 21:33
Wow, great place! And they did not even mention the TROUT!

For those of you who want to catch and cook your own, they have everything, including the frying pan! They also sell smoked trout, I called them from Hiawasee ( I did not stay there) and Laura was nice enough to drop it off at my hotel for me within a few hours! She also included a little baggie of organic spices and salt mix that she recommended to use if I added this to pasta for a nice flavor, yum!

Very cool folks. While we were walking down into Dicks Creek Gap about 2 miles in, the guy who runs it - Frank - was walking SOBO with his three dogs along the trail, just talking to folks and telling them about where he is located, and that he had a ride for them back at the Gap if they needed it. He is definately making an effort for hikers to get to know the place.

The day I left the hotel in town, he was dropping off another hiker that he picked up on the road - delivering him to another hotel! Not even his own! - and he offered to take three of us back to Dicks Creek Gap, no fee, just a really nice guy.

I hope that folks will take the time to stop in and meet these new trail angels in the area, and by the way the trout tasted awesome! It lasted me almost a week and had been caught and smoked in early March, no chemicals or smoke flavor - just real applewood that Frank is using in his smoker.

04-01-2006, 15:54
Thanks Smile

Glad to hear you liked the fish. We dehydrated some last night to try that and have gotten good reviews. I had done it before- just cut too thin.
Did you know that Frank and I moved here from Jacksonville FL? We know all the springs you mention in your journal.

Hope your heel gets well soon, and you get back on the trail!

Lone Wolf
04-02-2006, 20:48
Their smoked trout dip is kick ass!

04-04-2006, 13:18
Someone left a Kodak Advantix T550 camera behind sometime.
Let me know if it is your and I can mail it home to you.

Thanks for comment about dip LW

04-06-2006, 22:16
I was in North Georgia last week, and stopped at Cloud9 and they were cooking a trout dinner for the hikers, they had even sent someone to the local Inn to pick up some hikers there, nice people.

04-07-2006, 09:32
come on by!

Chicken Feathers
04-09-2007, 00:02
sounds good see u in a few weeks save some trout for me

04-09-2007, 00:49
I agree with LoneWolf! That stuff was what dip dreams are made of! I can't wait to go back and get some fly fishing lessons! :p