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11-02-2021, 08:29
Anyone here have any info regarding IAT Spain? I'm looking for a pre-AT 2022 hike in Jan/Feb 2022.

Main things I want to know is about camping/pitching tent, ability to find fuel canisters...and any other info would be helpful. Unfortunately, the website for IAT/SIA provides no info.


11-02-2021, 11:47
"Wild camping" in Spain is generally not allowed. However, it is tolerated on long distance hikes provided you are well off the trail. You can pitch a tent on landowners property, with permission of course, and they might even treat you to breakfast/dinner. Don't pitch a tent in a Nation Park, and under no circumstances, make a camp fire. Firing up the stove is OK. When you get to Spain there is a store called Declathon, they are everywhere in Europe. Its like an REI but no name brands, but they will have fuel canisters and whatever else you might need. We bought trekking poles there for 20 euros at one in Germany in 2018 and they have been back and forth to Europe ever since. My wife is from Seville, a bit south of where you are headed so its kind of neat hearing about someone going to Spain. We are headed to Northern Spain in March.

11-02-2021, 18:17
Awesome, thanks for the info. I've heard of Declathon.

11-02-2021, 19:03
My hiking in Spain was all along the Camino and there was very little camping that I noticed due to all of the hiker lodgings available. My research for the trip was that wild camping, what we would call stealth camping here in the U.S. is tolerated so long as one sets up in an inconspicuous place at or after dusk and is gone by dawn or shortly after, builds no fires, and leaves no trace. Official campgrounds were few and far between. Totally different hiking culture. But I’ve never looked into the trail you are doing. Looks like a cool hike from what I googled.