View Full Version : Hiker Hut (Rt 4 in Maine) has closed for good.

TJ aka Teej
12-11-2021, 19:58
Located about 1/4 mile N of the AT crossing on Rt 4 The Hiker Hut served ATers well for years.

It is now private residence.

12-12-2021, 10:52
Sad to hear this, but hope Steve is happy and successful in future endeavors. It was an awesome location and made a Nero into Rangeley a great experience on the AT. Unique, being off Grid but also unique for access to a Resupply and Town food. The Egg sandwich was worth the stop alone!

12-12-2021, 11:15
One of my favorite stops on the trail .... Wish Steve and family all the best.

12-12-2021, 18:47
Thatís sad to hear. What a great and friendly place to stop on the trail.

I loved their outdoor shower with a bucket of river water, then propane heated to scalding hot if you chose.

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