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02-24-2003, 15:33
Sauers brand food coloring containers are great for bringing a small amount of liquids. (* this is NOT the kind with the pointy lids)

They have a removable squeeze mouth and I have yet to have one leak.

Not real sure how much they hold though (maybe 1/4 - 1/2 oz)

When I'm on a long distance hike, they get used for things like
a small amount of dish soap, lotion, bug juice, etc.

Even on just a weekend, they're great for oil or margarine
(which i just squeeze into it)

Being so small, they really take up very little room and weigh practically nothing.

Perkolady.... who has the fever !!


peter pan
03-18-2003, 20:53
un use gun oil bottles from m16 stock cleaning kit hold 1 oz have a screw down dispersing top, weigh about .4 oz ...i use for hot sauce, face cream, calibrated one for 8- 16 oz servings of crystal lite ice tea, eliminates the crys container allows for smaller portions etc. use for dr bonners soap etc,etc. you can get them at military surplus store for about .75...small,light,holds alot,has asealable dispenser...nder a buck...hard to beat

03-19-2003, 11:30
Just a note to hypochondriacs, reusing container bottles may leach funny chemicals into your food. There's been discussion on reusing film canisters, and I'm sure gun oil has a lot of fun additives you may not want to ingest. (I've been inadvertantly ingesting brake fluid and engine coolant for years, I don't know what I'm worried about:rolleyes: )

12-17-2003, 12:15
Sorry that my typing was less than clear. These great little bottles are brand new, unused, light, and cheap. The screw down dispenser top is the best feature. they are flexible: thus, are great for creme items as well as fluids.

10-07-2004, 23:43
Hmmm... I would still worry, because they are not food grade plastic... Which means they are allowed to have chemicals in the plastic itself that can be harmfull, and can leach.

10-08-2004, 02:15
or container rather:


go ahead and order 0077-02, for $12 you'll get 48 1oz containers, maybe a lifetime supply

if you prefer flip tops:


the downside is that you have to have a min. $50 order :(

for smaller orders go here:


as far as being food grade and the worries, we've been there and done that on WB before, just make sure you're not living on top of concrete block in your house (radon) or living in a house constructed after 1950 (interior adhesives) or driving on a freeway and breathing , etc. before you worry over leeching from these bottles

10-08-2004, 10:32
I use M&M's minni containers to keep small amounts of stuff in. The flip top is secured to the tube so you won't lose it while cooking. It seems a bit sketchy, being that it doesn't screw down or anything, but I've carried dish soap in it for years and haven't had a spill yet. I keep it in an outer pocket though, so there's not a whole lot of weight on the tube.

10-08-2004, 10:51
Here is what I use:

REI 1/4-oz. Poly Container, Item 605887- for toothpaste, sunscreen, foot cream, any thick non-runny material

REI 1-oz. Round Bottle with Squirt Cap, Item 605500- for hand cleaning gel, soap, any similar consistency material, but not for liquid like aqua mira

10-08-2004, 13:14
One extremely convenient container for small stuff is medicine sample bottles. If you have a good friend in the pharmacy business, they can get you very sturdy containers for a variety of volumes.

I particularly like old Viagra bottles. Nothing ever wilts in them.

10-08-2004, 14:12
Nothing ever wilts in them.Funny!:banana :banana :banana:banana :banana