View Full Version : Mystery Ranch Deep Trance

03-31-2006, 22:02
Well I picked up my new pack today, the Deep Trance. While slightly more expensive and slightly heavier I definately think that this is the most comfortable backpack I tried on. I have spend the last few weeks deciding on a pack, I tried on the Osprey Atmos 50, Aether 60, Granite Gear Vapor Trail, and the Northface Skareb. All of these packs were comfortable to a point, but today I took a drive to the Mystery Ranch retail store here in Bozeman, Montana, to try on some packs today. The trance was comfortable, but the Deep Trance is absolutely incredible. The floor person did the adjustments, and put weight in it, by far the most comfortable pack I have used to this point.

I have seen very little on here about this pack, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask, and I will write a full review after my first trip.


Almost There
03-31-2006, 23:51
Have hiked over 100 miles with mine so far, and had a buddy who did Springer to New Jersey with it last year. Highly recommend it!!!