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03-18-2022, 20:38
Getting ready to take on NY/NJ/ CT ending at Sages Ravine on the MA line. Looking at the lists of hostels - there dont seem to be many possibilities. This is for around April 20 to May 9. Gonna call every one on the list to verify they are open, reservations...
Question - what does anyone know about hosteling thru this section. I like my tent setup but I do like to know in case of BIG Weather. Pls advise. I dont know anyone in that area.


03-19-2022, 10:42
Your right, pretty much nothing for hostels in that stretch. If you want to get off trail, you're going to have to spend the big bucks on motel rooms.

03-20-2022, 08:49
Your right, pretty much nothing for hostels in that stretch. If you want to get off trail, you're going to have to spend the big bucks on motel rooms.

Agree completely, particularly in CT. If you’re near Harriman in NY the tuxedo motel is a great buy, though.

03-21-2022, 21:10
If you can make the West Mountain shelter with the prospect of a clear night it is well worth the haul of water, lack of privy and half mile side trail. Amazing night view of Manhattan, juxtaposed with the natural setting is very thought provoking.

Decent water just past the Pallisades Parkway “Frogner” crossing.

03-22-2022, 00:12
Jersey, I can't help much. High Point shelter isn't bad. You can camp in the lot beside the post office in Unioinville. It's across from Anabelles Pizza, which I highly recommend. Appalachian Motel is very clean and comfortable but pricey. Vernon Township after the bog walk. I enjoyed it. NY is tough for resources too but the shelters are good. Must hit RPH and order a pizza. Bear Mountain BRIDGE motel is a cool stop and the owners are awesome. BBQ place across the street. CT...good luck. I stayed in Cornwall Bridge instead of Kent. Not really a hostel place.

Hope you enjoy your hike....take your wallet. hahaha

03-22-2022, 04:47
The Bearded Woods Bunk & Dine is in CT and has operated daily in May in the past. They have been closed the last two years due to Covid. No idea if they will be open this year. I will be sectioning Kent to Great Barrington the end of May so I’ll be looking into it. Hudson gave me a shuttle last year and was very helpful.

03-22-2022, 04:49

No indication on the website whether they will be operating in 2022.

03-22-2022, 09:28
NJ - no hostels really but there's a decent resupply in Unionville, NY which is across the state line but only about 0.3 mile off trail. The first 40 miles or so are a lot like PA - ridge walking with lots of rocks.

NY - again no hostels, didn't stay there myself but I heard the Tuxedo Motel is a good option. The first 20 miles south of Harriman are surprisingly tough with lots of boulder scrambling. The trail gets easier especially north of the Hudson River, and you can get a hot meal and resupply at the Appalachian Market which is right on the trail.

CT - Don't know anything about Bearded Woods, they weren't open last year when I did this section. The motels are WAY expensive. The Mt Algo Shelter near Kent is perfect for a "nearo" - 0.3 mi from the trailhead, 1 mile walk into town, full resupply, good food, a laundromat, and a hot shower at the hiker welcome center.

I recommend going a ways past the CT/MA state line to MA 41 or US 7/Great Barrington. The trail isn't easy to access at the state line, and it will mean a tough start to your next section, if you continue NOBO.

03-22-2022, 13:36
Salisbury, CT has a hostel. I can't remember the details but they are on Guthooks. There is an older woman who picks you up and drives you to her house. I stayed there in 2018 when I did that section.

There is room for about 6-8 people. I remember eating NY style pizza and watching football as it was a Sunday evening in the Fall.