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TJ aka Teej
04-29-2022, 13:41
From my notes and guides:

’21 May 28th for the Hunt (the AT) and Abol trails.
’20 July 1st due to Covid-19.
’19 Park delayed opening tote roads and campgrounds. May 15th opening postponed. All Katahdin trails were closed until June 14th.
’18 Park delayed openings of tote roads and campgrounds. Abol opened May 21st, Hunt opened May 24th, major portion of tote road still closed.
’17 Park delayed opening some campgrounds, Hunt and Abol open May 27th.
’16 The Hunt Trail opened on May 27th
’15 Park delayed opening some campgrounds. Hunt open May 22nd. (Summit snow on the 23rd!)
'14 The Hunt Trail opened on 5/29/2014, with a flagged detour just below the monkey bars. - Abol closed for season.
'13 May 24th
'12 May 20th
'11 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol open Memorial day weekend, Hunt a few days after.
'10 May 25th
'09 May 20th for both Hunt and Abol
'08 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol and Hunt open May 29th.
'07 May 31st
'06 Abol May 15th, Hunt May 18th
'05 June 4th
'04 May 16th, the AT was a brook between the Falls and the Hunt Spur.
'03 May 24th
'02 May 15th (Day hikers summited via Abol May 10th)
'01 prior to May 20th
'00 Memorial Day Weekend
'99 May 18th (per South Walker '99)

The 2022 SoBo’s Guide to Baxter and Katahdin (https://baxterinfo.wordpress.com/2017/12/20/the-2018-sobos-guide-to-baxter-and-katahdin/)
The Nobo’s guide to Baxter and Katahdin for 2022 (https://baxterinfo.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/the-nobos-guide-to-baxter-and-katahdin-for-2018/)
The Unofficial Car Camper’s Guide to Baxter State Park. (https://baxterinfo.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/the-unofficial-car-campers-guide-to-baxter-state-park/)

Working on a list closing dates, stay tuned.