View Full Version : Spy Rock Rd/Fish Hatchery Ln parking

05-24-2022, 15:21
According to Google Maps, off Highway 822 is Fish Hatchery Lane, which leads to Spy Rock Rd, which leads to the AT at mm825.4. It appears to be about a mile from Hwy822 to the AT.

Using Google Maps satellite view it appears there is a clearing where Spy Rock Rd leaves Fish Hatchery Ln (37.84191847679055, -79.13120246138298).

Is this a parking lot? Is there parking near this access? Is the shoulder along Hwy822 at Fish Hatchery Ln suitable for parking for a day hike?

Thank you.

05-24-2022, 20:24
That is a parking lot but the forest service closed that trailhead in 2020 due to a dispute with someone that lives on that road. I can’t find anything that says it was resolved and opened again. For what it is worth, the comments on FarOut say hikers are walking down it and that there are No Trespassing signs.

An alternative is listed here - https://www.virginia.org/listing/appalachian-trail-to-spy-rock-in-montebello-closed/8054/

05-24-2022, 21:20
The alternative is the Meadows Lane parking. I did a video of it a while back here: