View Full Version : Baxter opens the AT on 5/26/22.

TJ aka Teej
05-26-2022, 09:30
From the Park:

-Hunt and Abol Trails will both be open to Baxter Peak ONLY (All other trails above treeline on Katahdin will remain closed at this time)
-The Traveler Loop will open
-The Chimney Pond Trail will open for DAY USE only up to Chimney Pond
If you are planning to hike these trails, make sure you are prepared for early season conditions such as patchy snow or ice, blowdowns, and variable weather conditions.
We appreciate everyone's cooperation with staying only on these open trails as we work to protect the alpine areas of the park and ensure user safety.

TJ aka Teej
05-26-2022, 09:36
Friday 5/27, actually. (I thought today was Friday, dammit.)

05-26-2022, 14:58
I hate it when that happens.

05-26-2022, 22:18
I hate it when that happens.

When the trail opens or when you mess up a date?

05-27-2022, 01:28
When it feels like it should be Friday -- always makes it an extra long week.

05-27-2022, 02:05
Well it's now Friday--- and yay an extra long weekend:)

05-27-2022, 05:28
And of course the forecast is not great today and tomorrow (good for Sunday and Monday). Black flies are out so anyone heading up will be eaten alive down low.