View Full Version : English girl thru-hiking in 2023

07-25-2022, 13:37
Hello, I live in the UK and am planning a thru-hike in March next year. I was just wondering if there is anyone else from the UK that is also looking at doing this around the same time?

08-11-2022, 23:51
I am not from the UK, but I am planning on hiking in 2023. Contact me if you would like to chat. I am open to listening to your plans and making modifications in my schedule.

08-29-2022, 12:07
Hi there
From Glasgow........starting March 8th......what date u starting?

08-29-2022, 14:14
The best option may be just getting to the trail once you are there all kinds of people from all over come together. People from India, Canada, South Africa, Russia, etc. So you might just enjoy meeting oodles of new people from all walks of life. Your traimly makes the whole thing 10x more enjoyable for most people.

10-08-2022, 14:04

I am starting from AFSP March 30, 2023 (NOBO THRU). Hope to meet you on the trail.