View Full Version : Silver Hill Campsite, CT

Kevin A. Boyce
04-03-2006, 14:00
Signs are posted at trailheads that the pump at the Silver Hill campsite is out of order, and to get water prior to arriving there if you plan to stay over. One important note was that there were no signs SOBO that said this, they were only posted in the NOBO direction.

I just did this section this yesterday, and there are many streams and springs running. From River Road heading north, there are two springs running very well just up from the road way, I got water there. Heading from there to the campsite, there are a few smaller ones that most likely will be dried soon as they were not much more then a trickle.

Not a whole lot of water choices north of the campsite, the only real one being Guinea Brook between CT4 and Old Sharon Rd down at the bottom of Silver Hill.

04-03-2006, 15:07
silver hill campsite is a great campsite in may 2004 i pumped my butt off
for a little amount of very rusty water,the campsite is great,the water pump sucks:cool: neo

04-03-2006, 16:24
I stayed at Silver Hill Campsite in January and knowing the water there was iffy, I brought enough from the last spring (I was hiking northbound). It's a fabulous campsite.

I hope SOBOers take heed of your warning. Backtracking to Guinea Brook for water after arriving at Silver Hill is untenable!