View Full Version : ST10 - Hollerwood, KY to Clear Creek, CG

Gambit McCrae
01-02-2023, 10:59
Getting down to the end here! This was a great trip....Finally off of the 25+ mile road walk(I would suggest just skipping this if you can) and into Natural Bridge State Resort Park, and then into Red River Gorge.

The scenery was like jumping back into Big South Fork after 170 miles of road walking, moldy house trailers and every unleashed dog Kentucky has to offer. (As a disclaimer there were many creeks and dirt trail walks to be had in this last 170 miles however there were no views, a lot of pavement walking and countless angry dogs)

Water was no problem except for the last 8 miles south of clear creek cg there was no water nor dry sources.

Weather was lack luster however for it being Dec 31st I will take what I got. Just wet the whole time.

Lots of availability for hiker friendly resources through here and previous ST9 hike however most folks just act like the trail doesn't even exist....some people living directly on the trail(road frontage) hasn't even known what the Sheltowee Trace is.... Especially along the road walk, it would have been nice along the way to see a sign "Tenting and water here" type signs...

51 miles left of this trail, either 1 extended weekend or 2 weekend trips for its completion.

01-02-2023, 11:37
I’ve enjoyed and appreciated your reports! I made this trail my first FarOut purchase earlier this year during a sale. I’d been thinking about completing it in two week-ish long trips but may work on the southern sections on shorter trips..:-?

Gambit McCrae
01-06-2023, 12:27
Slugg I can work with you on logistics if you would like. I have a spreadsheet for that