View Full Version : New Internet Cafe in Franklin NC - A must stop!

04-04-2006, 12:23
Hello Hikers!
I just opening up an Internet Cafe here in Franklin, NC and wanted to let you guys know.
. Hiker Friendly
. Convenient Location between Haven's Budget Inn and Saphire Inn
. Free 30 minutes of internet with purchase of coffee or drink
. 30 minute blocks of internet time only $1.50 with tax!
. Digital picture to CD transfer for $5.00
. I'll help you upload your digital pics and shrink them for your web-journals.
. Wide variety of coffee available.

All the hikers that have come in really love the atmosphere here and the friendly people here at Franklin, NC.

We just had a hiker bash here this past weekend and I must say the hiker community is a really friendly and awesome community. I am proud to help the hikers that have stopped into my store. I wish you all good luck on your hikes!


(See the pics from the bash at the website, more pics will be posted later tonight)

ps. AlmostThere, send your pics to me of the bash so I can put them up!

pss. Sorry for the plug. I hope I am posting in the correct forum, I did not see any forum rules or anything sticky so please forgive me if this offends anyone.

04-04-2006, 14:10
Franklin is getting better and better as a trail town. Congrats on your new business, and good luck.

04-04-2006, 14:56
Franklin is getting better and better as a trail town. Congrats on your new business, and good luck.soon it will be on the agenda for all thru hikers.

04-04-2006, 15:11
Mark and his sister Beth came along to the hiker fest a few days ago and provided all of the hikers with some high quality coffee and great conversation.....If you stop by Franklin and have a moment in between laundry and overeating at the A.Y.C.E.'s stop in and give them a visit.
They are two pretty cool folks and they have two of the things that all of us whiteblazers love........caffine & computers.