View Full Version : Scotty’s Budget Hostel is now closed

04-07-2023, 15:58
I have been notified by Scotty from Scotty’s Budget Hostel at NOBO mile 407.4. He has closed the hostel.
He stated that unfortunately somebody broke into the donations box. Therefor causing him to close the hostel.

07-16-2023, 08:53
Sadly, Scotty had passed away some months ago. I'll always remember his generous nature and trust in hikers, sadly any hikers did any other a misjustice. Scotty took the long trail, one last time. https://www.elizabethton.com/2023/05/02/a-life-lived-scott-vandam-was-a-scholar-space-engineer-and-musician-but-his-favorite-pastime-was-hiking/