View Full Version : Lakeshore trail (Fontana dam - Bryson city, NC)

04-04-2006, 20:15
Anyone interested? Nights are getting a little warmer as are the days. I'm itching to get out and do my first multi-night hike.

36 miles, I would be willing to break it up into 3 days and two nights depending on someone's schedule.

mowgli (sp?) did this about 2 months ago, made the trip sound nice

04-04-2006, 21:32
I took his suggestion and finished up my section hike by taking the Lakeshore Trail. It was really a great end to my two week backpacking trip and lots of streams that I never even imagined existed on the back side of the Smokies. I posted my hike on TJ and am posting the link for my last three days when I switched over to the BMT through the Smokies.



04-05-2006, 03:26
I'm thinking this might be a good multi-day for my youngest daughter....did you report the abandoned fire to the GSMNP rangers? i bet they would have looked at the backcountry permits to see if any had signed up for that area???? anyway thanks for again pointing out this possible hike. I've hiked the AT through the Smokes a couple of times, last summer paddled from Tsali to Fontana Village and used some of the same sites to camp as you used.

04-05-2006, 09:58
no, i ended my hike at Bryson City and don't know where a ranger station is there. i suppose that as a good citizen i should have tried to call it in. i was able to hit a cell from some place every day (cingular) so i guess i have to accept some blame for not being as responsible as i should have been.

04-05-2006, 11:38
Well first and foremost you put out the fire, prob. more than most would have done...and you're right about that section being a tinder keg waiting to happen...