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04-07-2006, 21:00
Hi Everyone,
I am running short on time here and making last minutes buys and arrangements.

I need a little help on this choice please.
From what I read on the Katadyn site only the Purifer is first very best choice says it is the only one able to deal with viruses too. Second choice would then be the Filters.
http://www.katadyn.ch/site/us/home/outdoor_products/our_products/?conTact_sess_name=169bc706128de85b73b3f802c05654f 3

I understand all the debates over the chemical treatments from Aquamira to Polar Pure to bleach...I have been reading and researching for months now.
I am overwhelmed and confused but pretty sure down to these two choices. ( I am bringing lightweight chemiacal treatment along also...just in case )

I will be doing the PCT soon and I understand that on the AT the water is not to much of a problem. I just can't afford to take any chances.

So I never see anyone mention the Purifer much is there a reason why???

04-07-2006, 21:02
ooops thats is the Katadyn Extreme XR Water Purifier

04-07-2006, 21:31
If I undersand your choices, you are deciding between a filter (pro) and a purifier (extreme).

The pro will not filter out viruses - it is merely a filter and will get everthing but. The extreme will kill the viruses, but I question the viability of a sports bottle filter for a long term hike.

I, personally, prefer my hiker (older version of the pro) because I can put the clean water into any container (water bottle, bladder, cookpot). If I were buying today I would opt for the pro based on the reliability of my hiker. In the US viruses are just not that much of a problem.

04-07-2006, 22:03
Thanks John,
yes that is my two choices...I did not think about the long term durability...good point, Thanks so much.

In Hawaii (although they try to keep it hidden) we do have viruses in our water in many places.

Well for once I do not have to order this both our at my Sports Authority for the same prices as Campmor :)