View Full Version : Bridge Street Cafe & Inn/ Hot Springs?

04-08-2006, 10:36
Staying there after our hike through Max Patch. Any experience?

04-10-2006, 13:37
I haven't had a chance to stay/eat there, but know that member of their staff is a trail angel. She was out to ride a bike trail, and gave me a ride back into town after exhausting my knees on my first hike after back surgery. Very nice young angel.

04-10-2006, 13:47
I've been told they have some special brew that is outstanding!

And like the previous reply, I have to commend Dragonslayer, a former thru who works at that establishment, who has been AWESOME! :banana

She and Wildcat (another former thru) had pizza, soda, snacks, beer, and cheesecake at 19E just before Kincora. Then she caught up with us again at a road crossing 15 miles from Partnership shelter. She gave us a ride to a breakfast place, and slackpacked us to the shelter, where she offered a ride into town for groceries and to pick up pizza! (And before all this great trail magic, she was supposedly seen at Fontana Dam... I missed that but I'm happy to have fallen in line since!)

04-10-2006, 14:47
We sometimes stop there to eat after doing trail maintenance on the AT. Great oven (stone) baked pizza !!!! ;)