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02-25-2003, 08:51

02-25-2003, 08:58
The soothing, gentle tunes of Mother Nature at her best, doing her thing, and hearing that tune is why many are there in the first place!

Lone Wolf
02-25-2003, 09:04
Yeah right. That's why there's a cell phone and an MP3 player within reach. Sounds of silence my ass!

02-26-2003, 15:50

02-26-2003, 20:35
at night I'll listen to a little Jimmy Buffet, Phish or maybe some Dead to relax the soul

TJ aka Teej
02-26-2003, 21:05
If you've been to an ALDHA Gathering, you've probably heard:

02-26-2003, 21:13
That's one thing I like down yonder, lot's o' Bluegrass. Not this canned country crap people like up here. Charlie Parker would be nice, and some Iron Maiden. I'm thinking about picking up an MP3 player just such purposes. Blind Gaurdian would also be great, a German band making songs to JRR Tolkiens Sylmarilian.

steve hiker
02-27-2003, 02:50
Is a very old Appalachian song. A modern variation goes:

My girl, my girl
where did you go
I am going where the cold wind blows
In the pines, in the pines,
where the sun don't ever shine
I will shiver the whole night through

Nirvana, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"

An excellent article on the various origins and versions of this old mountain song is found at:


02-27-2003, 07:18
I sang this song as a duet with the Colgate Thirteen, an all-male a cappella group. The original title and initial words we sang were "Black Girl", not "My girl", but I never knew the history of this hauntingly beautiful song. I had the opportunity to sing the lower harmony with a guy who had an incredibly pure high tenor voice. Twenty-five years later, we are still the singers that get asked to sing this arrangement at reunions, despite many other new voices that have graduated since then. Thanks for the link!

03-02-2003, 20:31
If your depend on your cheap, light little radio, I'm afraid that you wind up with lots of country, and lots of good old gospel music...and every day of the week, not just Sundays, in the south. At least, such was our experience. Got to learn LOTS of country songs because there was nothing else on the radio. On the flipside, though, the AM stations come in great, and there was plenty of Neil Boortz until we hit NJ, to keep us company :)

05-07-2003, 17:58
Music is so inspiring for me. It depends on where I'm at (in all regards) as to what I listen to at any given time. Hard rock one time and maybe instrumentals the next. And of course to make your own music(whatever that means to you) is the best thing of all in my opinion.

Mtn. Pooh Bear
05-08-2003, 14:44
I can recall a day of hiking from Neel's Gap into Low Gap Shelter were the group of us continually sang....The Devil went down to Georgia! hahaha! It was fun, nothing like a little Charlie Daniels Band to clear the mind! :p

05-12-2003, 09:06
Bluegrass, celtic, Irish, upbeat blues, rock(old), aint music great!!
Kill your tv and turn up the radio :)

of course, Mother Nature is a beautiful tune, also.
Silence is appreciated, and there is a time to know when to leave the tunes off and respect others.

Shoe Leather Express
05-17-2003, 22:22
I don't listen to any tunes. You can't hear what's around you if you do. Aside from the obvious natural songs there is a lot more to listen for. It's nice to hear a rattle snake before you step on it, or a mama bear before you come between her and her cubs. If you're in Pa this time of year and hear a turkey you'd better stop where you're at and assess the situation because it's turkey season (spring gobbler started two weeks ago)-- you might just get shot. South West Pa has had an influx of coyote in the last few years, so I always listen for them. Falling trees, other peoples footsteps, a cry for help....meh, call me weird, but I have to know what's going on around me. :)