View Full Version : Princeton Tec Whiteblaze.net group buy.

04-18-2006, 09:59
:welcome We have decided to try one of these kind of group buys that are ever so popular with other types of merchandise on other hobby and automotive forums here on whiteblaze.net for Princeton Tec Head Lights and Accessories.
The entire line of Princeton Tec products is avaliable for this offer. (subject to avaliability)

I will send an e-mail reply to anyone interested for this offer for the 3 most popular light weight lights that we stock but you will not find these prices on the website. This offer is only for members of whiteblaze.net, hence if you want to order and you are not a member, then sign up. If we can obtain an order total of $1500 I will donate 5% back to the board, otherwise I will donate 1%.


Shipping will be done by priority mail. Your best bargain might be to team up with 1 or 2 people local to you and order together and we will use the flat rate box that has a postage amount of around $8 regardless of the weight of the pacakge.

Credit Card (NO AMEX) or Paypal will be accepted and this order offer will close on May 1st 2006. Most items are in stock now for shipping. All items will ship by May 15th 2006 (subject to avaliability)

Paypal is hikersupply@yahoo.com, credit card is by phone at 724 747 0677. You must be the named card holder to place the order by phone.

Post your e-mail address in a reply if you are interested in 1 of the following you will then receive an e-mail reply back from us.

The e-mail reply will contain prices for the following lights.

:sun Princeton Tec Scout
:sun Princeton Tec Aurora
:sun Pricenton Tec Quad (new 4 mode regulated light)
Princeton Tec Pulsar (bite light for key chains)

Again please do not repost the prices on the forum. The vendor has minimum advertise pricing requirements.

If you want something other than 1 of these lights you will need to e-mail us your request to hikersupply@yahoo.com for firm price quotes for this offer.

Help support whiteblaze.net by participating in this group buy. Everyone can use a new headlight, so that you can put the old on in the glove box in the car for changing a flat tire some time.