View Full Version : saying hello, starting CT June 14th

04-21-2006, 13:33
Hey y'all!

I'm just putting forth my intention to hike the CT this year. I'm working around some other things I like to do this summer and I have a 6-week window starting June 14th that I can play with.

I was overjoyed to find someone wrote an end-to-end guide (thx Mags) and there is support available here for any questions I might have.

I guess my 1st question is should I plan on seeing much snow with my mid-June start? Bring snowshoes? I'll be starting from the easier side (denver?)


04-21-2006, 13:57
June 14th may be a little early this year. More now than normal in Colorado around the area where the CT starts.

If you can wait one week, think you'll find the going easier.

Of course, all bets are off if there is an early Spring snowstorm of if the warmer weather continues to hold. :)

If it was me, though, I'd wait until later June..no earlier than June 21st.

The new guidebook is set to come out soon. Will be doing an update of my doc then as well.