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02-27-2003, 14:55
I'm looking at the 2000 edition of Wingfoot's book. It says that in NY, camping is "not permitted just anywhere." A page or so later, it lists "campsites all along the abandoned road..." at Blue Mountain Lakes Road. It doesn't say anything about a "legal" site, and the databook doesn't list it at all.

Is this a legitimate site?

Thanks. Beth

Steve W
02-27-2003, 15:23
The section of trail around Blue Mountain Lakes Rd. is in about a four mile section where there is no camping allowed. When you walk through there it is obvious that people frequently do camp there anyway. I don't know how strictly the no camping is enforced. Both north and south of that section there are plenty of good places to camp. I've spent a good amount of nights there and could give you a more detailed description if you need it.

02-27-2003, 15:25
NY permits camping only in designated areas. There are some really nice campsite areas east of the Hudson in & around Fahnstock State Park.

Along the Kittatinny Ridge in NJ (between DWG & High Point) there are many areas to set up a tent. Make sure to bear proof your food though. There are more bears in that part of the trail than anywhere else except perhaps the Smokys & Shenandoah.

02-27-2003, 16:37
I'd be happy to hear about places to camp in that area. It'll be my 3rd or 4th day out on a 3 month trip, and I want to start easy, with to 10 mile days. I think I intend to start that morning from the Mohican Outdoor Center. (but I'm not looking at my itinerary) This trip is beginning to seem real.



02-27-2003, 16:42
Beth.. there's a large Boy Scout camp at Blue Mt. Lakes. In 2001, they were letting hikers stay in their dorms. Comfy bed and HOT shower. Info was posted on the bulletin board at the Church Hostel in DWG. Don't know if they are still doing it or not. Only down side was it was about a mile walk DOWNHILL to the camp. Hey.. we also got free food and a swim out of the deal.

02-27-2003, 16:58
The Boy Scout camp sounds quite nice. Ummm, for lack of a better way of saying it, I'm not a Boy Scout. Do they offer women the same deal? Thanks. Beth

Steve W
03-07-2003, 16:53
Beth, sorry for the delay, I was out of town. I finally got a chance to double check my maps and ten miles out of Mohican would put you at the northern end of the no camping area. If you continue just under a mile more there is a nice place to camp right after you cross a stream before the climb up rattlesnake mountain. The terrain on this stretch of trail is pretty easy and even starting out you should be able to do more than ten miles a day with few problems. I frequently go to this area for quick weekend getaways so I could tell you about several camping options. This post would be way too long though. If you want more detailed information, send me an e mail and I'll tell you what I can. If you go with this option however, it's about ten miles to the Gren Anderson shelter, and then the next few shelters (High Point, Pochuck, Waywayanda, Wildcat) are all 12 -13 miles apart. Nice easy days trips.

03-12-2003, 12:39
Thanks for responding. I've been a little busy at work and haven't done a good job of following up. I'll dig out my maps and see if I need any more information than what you gave me. I just get nervous when they tell you that you can only camp in certain places and start looking for options early.


Papa Bear
03-12-2003, 18:31

Me and my partner started at the DWG last year and did the following:

DWG > Mohican (9.3 miles)
Mohican > Brink Road (14.3 miles)
Brink Road > Rutherford (15.4 miles)
Rutherford > Pochunk (16.7 miles)
Pochunk > Wawayanda (11.9 miles)

We were fit but this was our first hike out of the season (April of last year). The terrain is rough under foot but the elevation is modest. We did OK for a couple of seniors. If you are in shape this should be doable. We had tents but didn't use them. All shelters were empty at this time of year. We didn't use our tents till we got to Fahnstock State Park (east of the Hudson).

Correction: we didn't find Rutherford since we took a side trail and ended up on the wrong side of a bog. We tented that night.

Check my trip report (http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2h6gy/papabear/AT_section_1.html)

Beautiful section in the early Spring. Avoid in the high heat of summer!!


03-14-2003, 08:21
Papa Bear, I really enjoyed your trip report and the pictures. It was nice to get a detailed report of what I'm going to experience this year.

Did you get the $30 for doing the survey at that shelter? :-)


Papa Bear
03-14-2003, 10:24
What $30? Sounds like I got cheated!

:) :) :) :)